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Zavok is the sixth boss of Sonic Lost World, serving as the recurring boss of Sky Road.


First battle

  • Sky Road
  • Nightmare Zone
SLW Zavok Boss Sky Road 2.png
SLW Zavok Boss Nightmare Zone.png
Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Sky Road
Hits to defeat: 2

Though Zavok frequently makes appearances in cutscenes throughout the game, he and Sonic do not meet until Sky Road, where he appears at the end of Zone 2. This battle is set on a single planetoid in a 3D perspective, with Zavok riding one of the mechanical dragons featured throughout the Zone. The dragon will electrify its body and snake its way around the planetoid in an attempt to run over Sonic, periodically stopping to shoot a spread-shot of fireballs from its mouth. Zavok cannot be hit directly, as he is perched on the dragon's head out of range from Sonic's attacks.

When the dragon stops, the player must attack its tail several times until the dragon is stunned, making a ramp fold out to allow the player to climb onto the dragon's body. From there, the player has to Homing Attack across the dragon's segments while avoiding fire from lasers, eventually reaching Zavok at the head. Upon reaching Zavok, the player simply has to hit him with a Homing Attack to damage him. The whole process repeats a second time, albeit with slightly faster attack patterns than before. After the second hit, the Zeti retreats, thus the Zone is cleared.

This battle is repeated in Nightmare Zone, with the dragon mech being replaced by the second-level Nightmaren Gillwing. The player has to keep hitting Gillwing's tail with Homing Attacks until the Nightmaren is knocked out.

Second battle

SLW Zavok SkyRoad Lasers.jpg
Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Sky Road

With Sonic's world being drained of its life energy and Sonic losing contact with Knuckles and Amy, Zavok taunts the hedgehog with his impending loneliness, leading to the second battle in Zone 4, taking place in a 2.5D perspective atop the back of a mechanical dragon in the stormy skies. Zavok opens the fight with a dash attack that the player can jump over, then he will follow that attack by stomping the ground hard, sending out a short shockwave that can be avoided by staying away when he lands. As a third move, Zavok commands the dragon to fire lasers from its body one after the outward from where he is standing, which the player can avoid by standing between the lasers.

The player should not out-right use the Homing Attack, as Zavok will block the attack and hurt the player. The player must first use the Flying Kick on him when given the opportunity to knock him off balance, then they can target him and hit him with a Homing Attack, but they must be quick as Zavok will quickly get back on his feet. Once hit, Zavok will be knocked some distance away based on how much the player charges the Homing Attack, though at least three single locks are enough to force him to retreat. It is possible to knock Zavok into the dragon's lasers, electrocuting him and stunning him for much longer than normal, allowing the player to easily charge the Homing Attack and send him flying.

As the battle goes on, Zavok will punch away segments of the dragon to make the arena smaller, then he will repeat the same attack process. In the third phase, he will move slightly faster and do a two-punch combo before the dash attack, and the player will now have to defeat him in a different way. Instead of hitting Zavok with a set number of Homing Attacks, the player has to knock him over the edge of the dragon by either luring him to jump to either side of the dragon, or by stunning him with the laser trick mentioned earlier. Once Zavok is stumbling on the edge of the dragon, the player has to lock on to Zavok as maximally as possible (otherwise he will block the attack) and then strike him with a Homing Attack to knock him off the edge before he regains his balance to win.

Final battle

SLW Zavok LavaMountain Giant.jpg
Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Lava Mountain
Hits to defeat: 4 (first phase), 10 (second phase)

With all the other Zeti defeated, Sonic engages Zavok one last time at the end of Lava Mountain Zone 3 in a multi-phase battle. Zavok opens by jumping down and shooting three large fireballs from the palm of his hand, followed by a dash attack to the other side. He will then follow that attack by jumping to the blocks above and doing a stomp attack to make a red block fall on Sonic. After that, he will jump back down and repeat his attack pattern. A few Homing Attack strikes will be enough to beat him, but a fully-charged Homing Attack will defeat him in one hit.

In the second phase, Zavok pulls a Bowser by jumping off the platform, becoming a colossus in the process. Now giant-sized, Zavok will steadily climb up the tower and chase Sonic, attacking by breathing giant fireballs that will destroy a large number of platforms upon making contact, and a laser attack that Sonic must avoid by standing on a block or platform for cover. Sonic cannot run from Zavok forever, as he will eventually reach the ceiling at the top of the tower, leaving little room to survive. To attack Zavok, Sonic must use one of Zavok's earlier attack strategies against him by using a Bounce Attack to stomp a red block and inflict damage on the mighty Zeti. A total of 10 hits will defeat Zavok for good, causing him to plummet to his molten doom.


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