Dark Shadow

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Dark Shadow (Opening).png
Dark Shadow
First seen: Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)
Power source: thoughts of vengeance
Base character: Shadow the Hedgehog
Used in: Games
Not to be confused with Chaos Boost.

Dark Shadow is a temporary state achieved by Shadow the Hedgehog when his mind is fueled by thoughts of vengeance. It is the opposite of Hero Shadow. While in this state, Shadow's body and eye pupils glow in a bright red tone.


Dark Shadow appears for the first (and, until now, only) time in Shadow the Hedgehog (game). In this state, Shadow gains invincibility and access to the powerful Chaos Blast, as well as the ability to use any weapon without draining its ammunition. This state can be used in conjunction with Super Shadow, further enhancing the power of his Super transformation.

Shadow can transform into Dark Shadow by filling his Dark Gauge. The gauge will slowly decrease once Shadow enters this state, although using Chaos Blast will consume large chunks of it. The only other instance this form can be obtained is when fighting the Egg Dealer, by causing the Egg Dealer to use Shadow Fever.

Dark Shadow appears in the game's intro, where he is being pelted with bullets by four GUN Soldiers in vain. He emerges from the fog and debris and uses the Chaos Blast to blow them away.



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