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Tropical Jungle
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Tropical Jungle
Seventh/Extra/Second level, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Level theme: jungle
Radical Train | Kingdom Valley

Tropical Jungle is a stage in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As with other levels in the game, it features in all three of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's stories, although the characters fight their way through the area at different times and for different reasons.


Accessed from Soleanna Forest, the level is a sprawling morass of verdigris foliage, with immense tree trunks towering over placid waterways teeming with supersized plant and animal life. Bioluminescant flowers function as swinging vines and giant turtles swim between the ruins of semi-submerged, Aztec-style stoneworks.


Sonic's story

Sonic the Hedgehog
Level number: 7
Areas: 2
Other characters: None
Boss: None
Rank S 50,000 pts
Mission: Avoid Dr. Eggman's Pursuit!

After rescuing Princess Elise from Radical Train, Sonic and the Princess are still being pursued by armies of Egg Gunners. In an effort to escape the robots, Sonic heads into the jungle.

As in Dusty Desert, Sonic will be carrying the Princess throughout this level, which reduces his moveset somewhat (the hedgehog can't perform Bound Attacks, for example). Elise's Iblis-mediated fire shield somewhat makes up for this, though, as it allows the pair to walk on water for short periods.

The level starts with Sonic tearing through the jungle's canopy, through hollowed-out tree trunks and along grindrail vines. Eventually dropping down to the watery forest floor, Sonic must make good use of the fire shield to navigate the verdant, watery maze and reach the Goal Ring.

Shadow's story

Rouge the Bat
Level number: "Extra" (after 4)
Areas: 1
Other characters: None
Boss: None
Rank S 50,000 pts
Mission: Find Omega!

After Flame Core, Shadow rather unwisely voids his return ticket to the past by staying behind to fight Mephiles Phase 1. Deposited back in Soleanna on her own, Rouge monologues that the Ultimate Lifeform will have no way of getting back without a Chaos Emerald to assist in Chaos Control. To remedy this, the bat hatches quite a genius plan in paradox exploitation. Remembering that they found a standby-mode E-123 Omega in Crisis City, Rouge conspires to give this event a cause: tracking down the robot in order to put him in standby mode, and using E-123 as a 200-year time capsule to deliver her green Emerald to Shadow.

Tropical Jungle represents Rouge's search for Omega in order to set her plan in motion. Gliding over the waterlogged ruins to the robot's location is one of the quickest levels in the game; Rouge's glide distance is better than Knuckles', and she can fly between the stone towers on a quick route to the Goal Ring without having to really explore the stage in detail.

Silver's story

Silver the Hedgehog
Level number: 2
Areas: 1
Other characters: None
Boss: None
Rank S 50,000 pts
Mission: Escape the Jungle Ruins!

Separated from Blaze and Mephiles by their time travel from Crisis City, Silver is deposited in Soleanna Forest. Commencing his search for the Iblis Trigger, the hedgehog brazenly strolls into the sunken ruins of Tropical Jungle.

Silver's gameplay requires liberal use of psychokinetic pads, both for using giant lillies as trampolines, and for controlling vine-snared logs to use as swings (or occasionally as battering rams). The level introduces Silver to the tender ministrations of Eggman's Egg Gunners for the first time; plucking their missiles out of the air and hurling them back is one of the quicker ways for disposing of them.


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