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Egg Beetle
Egg Beetle
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Level: Savannah Citadel
Fought by: Sonic the Hedgehog

The Egg Beetle is the second (first in the Wii/PS2 version) of Eggman's machines faced by Sonic in Sonic Unleashed, taking place in the Mazuri reigon. The battle takes place on a circular path, so it doesn't end in mid-battle. You must get its health down to zero to win.

In the PS3/360 version, it has three attacks: pinching Sonic with its giant pincer, throwing bombs onto the track, and firing missiles at Sonic. Sometimes Eggman will literally charge you and the perspective will shift from 3D to 2D. His attacks are the same, but hitting him is much harder in 2D.

In the Wii/PS2 version of the game, the Egg Beetle shares much the same pattern as his PS3/360 counterpart, but with a few differences. The bomb attack in the 3D portion will instead be replaced by Eggman dropping three steel crates that, once on the ground, will flip over on to one side in hopes of getting in Sonic's way (damaging him if Sonic runs into it). Also, the mech will not use the missiles in the 3D section either, but will still attempt to crush you with it's giant pincers. In the 2D section of the fight (initiated after about 2 hits against the mech) Eggman will launch three missiles while running alongside you in the background. These missiles will come in from behind you (one high, one low & one in between) and you have to dodge them with precise jumping. After the missiles pass, the Egg Beetle then attempts to crush you with it's pincers once, which you have to avoid with a well timed jump, and then comes back in to the 2D plane for another crushing attempt (which is the moment that you can actually damage him).

In both versions, if you hit Eggman correctly, you can knock him onto the track, and if you can reach him before he gets back into the air, you can hit him again, allowing 3 consecutive hits.

Eggman's Quotes

  • "Take THIS!"
  • "Oh hoh, are you fast enough to dodge THIS?!"
  • "Eeg, your manners are as bad as ever!"
  • "GAAAAH!"


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