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Sonic the Werehog
First seen: Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 15[1]
Height: 125 cm (4'1")[1]
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)[1]
Power source: Dark Gaia energy
Base character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Werehog (ソニック・ザ・ウェアホッグ) is the form that Sonic takes in the game Sonic Unleashed.


Sonic the Werehog enjoying ice cream, drawn by Yui Karasuno.

This form was gained when Dr. Eggman sucked the energy from the Chaos Emeralds while being used by Super Sonic and used that energy in his Chaos Energy Cannon to blast the planet into seven pieces in order to wake Dark Gaia. When it was awoken, a part of it went inside Sonic, thus turning him into a Werehog. From that point on, Sonic would transform into the Werehog whenever the sun would set, and revert back to a hedgehog at sunrise. Sonic eventually lost this form permanently when Dark Gaia reclaimed the energy that caused the transformation.

The basic appearance of the Werehog is the same as Sonic, except it is much more furry and savage looking. He also has ripped socks, spiked shoes and white tipped spikes.


Werehog gameplay focuses on platforming and combat. Sonic is now much slower, but gains a strength increase from Dark Gaia which is used for fighting. Sonic can now stretch his arms in a manner similar to ­Chaos 0 to reach things from far away as well as swing on poles and such. Sonic's moves are more feral as his battles are primarily a hack and slash affair. Players can chain attacks to score combos and maintain health.

Health Bar and Unleashed Gauge from the PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Sonic's health and endurance is also extended by means of a "Life" bar in the HUD. The meter works the same way as Tails' and Eggman's walkers from Sonic Adventure 2. He can take hits without Rings, but is not invincible. Collecting Rings and defeating enemies replenishes the meter.

At the end of a stage, Sonic gains experience points from the amount of Chaos Orbs (yellow diamonds found via defeating enemies and breaking items) that were collected. This helps him master the true power of Dark Gaia. In the PS2/Wii version, Sonic collects Red Orbs instead, and (unlike in the Xbox 360/PS3 counterparts) the upgrades are sequencial (the player doesn't choose what to upgrade). In both cases, these experience points level up Sonic, which allows him to gain new attacks, increase his health meter and strength, and raise his Unleashed Gauge.

While Sonic's the Hedgehog's repertoire is, as usual, restricted to the trusty spin attack and its variants, the Werehog has an abundance of brawling fighting moves that use button combos to execute. Further moves are unlocked by levelling up the Combat stat in the end-of-level EXP assignments in the X-Box/PS3 versions, or by collecting Dark Gaia Force in the PS2/Wii versions.

Get Strong Faster
Night foes keep getting stronger, and Sonic needs to keep up if he hopes to win. Pots and other objects can contain Orbs, so remember to smash all you can!

Secret Document 12 - "Earning EXP as a Werehog", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Moves (360/PS3)

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Move Type Use Effects
Were-Hammer Straight Attack 360: YYYY Sonic smashes an opponent with three straight punches followed by a massive overhead strike that knocks foes backwards.
Double Kick Combo Straight Attack 360: YXX Sonic deliveres a roundhouse kick that briefly stuns an opponent.
Sho-hog-ken Straight Attack 360: YYA A jumping uppercut that knocks an enemy skywards. Allows Aerial moves into combos. Is similar to the shoryuken move from Street Fighter.
Donkey Kick Combo Straight Attack 360: YYXXX Sonic balances on his arms and delivers a two-footed kick that knocks an enemy backwards.
Double Axle Combo Straight Attack 360: YYYXX A pinwheeling aerial claw-strike turns into a flurry of kicks on making contact with the enemy.
Wild Whirl Hook Attack 360: XXXX Sonic flails around with his claws, dealing damage to anything inside their radius. Great for mauling hordes of Little Rex.
Rolling Kick Combo Hook Attack 360: XYY A wide overhead kick that can knock back several surrounding foes.
Sho-claw-ken Hook Attack 360: XXA Similar to the Sho-hog-ken; a jumping uppercut. Allows Aerial moves into combos.
Egg Scrambler Hook Attack 360: XXYYY Sonic spins his claws like helicopter blades and dervishes through anything in front of him.
Wereclap Hook Attack 360: XXXYY Sonic slams his hands together, dealing a crippling blow to anything caught in between.
Flying Double-Punch Aerial Attack 360: Aerial YY Delivers a double punch to an enemy in the air.
Aerial Claw Slash Aerial Attack 360: Aerial XX Delivers a double slash to an enemy in the air.
Diving Body Press Aerial Attack 360: Aerial A Sonic slams down to impact on enemies below.
Aerial Piledriver Aerial Attack 360: Aerial B Sonic grabs an opponent in the air and slams them down on the floor head-first.
Flying Double-Punch Crush Aerial Attack 360: Aerial YYA An airbourne double-punch combo that sends the enemy flying.
Aerial Claw Slash and Spin Aerial Attack 360: Aerial XXA An airbourne double-slash combo that sends the enemy flying.
Shooting Star Combo Aerial Attack 360: Aerial YYYA An airbourne double-kick combo that sends the enemy flying.
Typhoon Combo Aerial Attack 360: Aerial XXXA Sonic performs a vertical pinwheel in the air, punching the enemy back down to the ground.
Were-Claw Charge Special Attack 360: Dash Y Attack while dashing; Sonic rends enemies in front of him with his claws.

Moves (PS2/Wii)

Locomotion Skills

  • Jump (X)
  • Double Jump (X during a jump)
  • Walk/Run (→)
  • Dash (→→)
  • Dash Jump (X during a dash)

Grabbing Skills

  • Grab/Ungrab (R1)
  • Throw (X while grabbing)
Why Throw Foes?
The Werehog throw attack can strike foes with flying crates or fling them off ledges for huge damage. Some enemies are especially weak to throws, so give it a try!

Secret Document 11 - "Getting the Most From Throws", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

  • Beatdown (◻/○/△ while grabbing)
The shockwaves emitted when you grab and pound the target to the ground will do additional damage to nearby foes.

— Beatdown description from the Orb Result

Combat Skills

  • Right Punch claw attack (○)
  • Left Punch claw attack (◻)
  • Mid-air claw attack (◻/○ during a jump)
  • Mid-air smash attack (△ during a jump)
  • Were-Hammer (△)
This emergency evasion tactic will push back any foe it connects with.

— Were-Hammer description from the Orb Result

  • Were-Claw (◻/○/△ during a dash/run)
Pierce any defense with this technique. Hit foes just right and you can dizzy them!

— Were-Claw description from the Orb Result

Strategic Uses
As a Werehog. Sonic can learn the Were-Claw attack, which can knock the target out temporarily. Use that as an opportunity to throw foes you can't normally get at!

Secret Document 15 - "The Were-Claw Dash Attack", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Attack Combo Skills

  • Right Punch combo unfinished: (○ + ◻/○ + ◻/○)
  • Left Punch combo unfinished: (◻ + ◻/○ + ◻/○)
Exploit the Combo
The nature of a combo changes depending on the arm it starts on. Start with a right for a straight-ahead attack, or with the left for a circular attack with broader range.

Secret Document 16 - "Use the Right (or Left) Punch", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

  • Were-Wallop, combo extender: (△ during an unfinished combo)
Send baddies skyward, then kick off a combo. This move makes a perfect opener.

— Were-Wallop description from the Orb Result

  • Combo Level Up, combo finisher: (◻/○ after an unfinished combo)
Dark Gaia's energy gathers around Sonic. Sonic can now chain together more attacks!

— Combo Level Up description from the Orb Result

  • Earthshaker, combo finisher: (△ after an unfinished combo)
The Werehog's final finisher, the Earthshaker, can deal massive damage to a broad area.

— Earthshaker description from the Orb Result

Defensive Skills

  • Guard (L1)
  • Flip (→ while guarding)
When to Defend
Using the Werehog Guard ability from the start is sure to make life easier. You can also move while guarding-- perfect for a quick getaway!

Secret Document 18 - "Guarding Effectively", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

  • Guard Cancel (L1 during an attack)
Why Guard Cancel?
One of Sonic the Werehog's hidden abilities is the Guard Cancel. Guard while in mid-action to cancel that action, perfect for reacting to changes in the battlefield!

Secret Document 10 - "When to Use the Guard Cancel", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Unleashed Mode

  • Activate Unleashed Mode (L1+R1)
Timing Is Key
Unleashed Mode is the Werehog's ace in the hole, and it can save Sonic's hide. It's not free, but you can pound foes and pots to refill that gauge, so use it as needed!

Secret Document 13 - "Using Unleashed Mode", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Other game appearances

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, Sonic the Werehog was a playable Power Type character. In gameplay, he would boost the Distance and Animal Bonus score by 37%, and, like all Power Type characters, had the ability to perform a midair dash attack.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sonic the Werehog appears as an Advanced class Neutral-type support spirit that can be summoned using cores from the Togedemaru and Werewolf spirits. Once he has been summoned for the first time, he will start appearing on the Spirit Board, where he possesses a puppet fighter based on Wolf. When equipped to a spirit team, the Werehog increases the power of a fighter's physical attacks.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. the Werehog is a playable Special-rarity character. Gameplay wise, he is no different from the other characters in the game, but has his only set of unique skills such as Dark Blast and Feral Dash.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Werehog first made a non-canon appearance in a brief Sonic Unleashed adaptation which took place in an alternate reality in Issue #193.

The Werehog's "true" appearance would not happen until after the Super Genesis Wave had occured. Sonic, who had come into contact with some concentrated Dark Gaia Energy shortly after settling into the new reality, would start to transform into the Werehog under times of stress, only for it to subdue. When he was caught by the Soumerca Egg Army however, he fully transformed into the Werehog and briefly lost control of himself. After receiving training from Moss the Sloth, Sonic gained control over his Werehog form. Since then, Sonic would maintain his form, only letting himself be seen as a Werehog when left with no choice, and would eventually lose the form permanently when Dark Gaia begins drawing its energy from across the planet, including its energy inside Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

Sonic the Werehog appeared in a flashback in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 16.

Voice actors

In English, the Werehog is voiced by Jason Griffith, like his normal counterpart. In Japanese, he is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.


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