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Sonic Shuffle
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System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Publisher: Sega
Peripherals supported: Jump Pack, Visual Memory Unit, Dreamcast VGA Box
Genre: Table
Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Sega Dreamcast
2000-12-21[1] ¥5,800 (6,090)[1] HDR-0125
Sega Dreamcast
2000-11-14 $39.95[2] 51060
ESRB: Everyone
Sega Dreamcast
2001-03-09 €? MK-51060-50
Sega Dreamcast
(White Label)
2001 €? ?
Sega Dreamcast
2001-03-09 £39.99[3] MK-51060-50
Sega Dreamcast
2001-03-01[4] DM ? MK-51060-50
USK: 0
Sega Dreamcast
2001-03-09  ?F MK-51060-50
SELL: Tous Publics
Sega Dreamcast
2001-03-09  ?Ptas MK-51060-50
aDeSe: Todos los Publicos
Sega Dreamcast
2001  ? ?

Sonic Shuffle (ソニックシャッフル) is a video game for the Sega Dreamcast and was Sega's answer to the successful Nintendo party game, Mario Party. The game was co-developed by Hudson Soft, who also developed the Mario Party series of games.

The story involves Sonic the Hedgehog and his companions finding themselves in a land called Maginaryworld. A villain named Void has shattered the Precioustone into many pieces and Lumina Flowlight and the rest of Maginaryworld are counting on Sonic to restore it. At the end of the game it is revealed that Lumina and Void both are Illumina, the Goddess of the land who disappeared when the Precioustone was shattered.

Despite Hudson's success with the Mario Party series, this game failed to meet expectations. It was criticized due to the confusing rules in some mini-games, excessive load times, poor music, an unfulfilled promise of network play, and an AI which would frequently cheat and steal the player's best cards. The game manual and in-game tutorial was largely unhelpful to players as well.


In Sonic Shuffle, the player can select one of the main characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The game supports 1 player in Story Mode and up to 4 players simultaneously in Versus Mode and the Sonic Room. The four players can play in teams and play against one another on a giant game board, going around and playing mini-games to collect Rings. The overall goal of each board is to collect the most Precioustones, out of a total of 7 (though this number can be reduced in Versus Mode). After the final Precioustone is collected, everyone plays a "Stage Clear" mini-game for one last chance to collect Rings, and then Emblems are handed out based on collected Precioustones and other accomplishments. Whoever has the most Emblems at the end of each board wins. There are 5 boards in total: Emerald Coast, Fire Bird, Nature Zone, Riot Train, and Fourth Dimension Space.

The gameplay involves playing randomly given Magical Cards. The deck of cards has four of every card numbering 1-6 and four wild cards. Three of the wild cards have an “S” and the remaining card is the “Eggman Card". Playing the cards would dictate the distance a player's character would move on the board. The Special Cards can be used for movement, and can be played as a 7 if the player using one has decent timing as the card changed from 1 to S, but they can also be used to exchange cards with another player or steal up to 7 random cards from another player. The Eggman Card spells bad fortune for one or all of the characters and would generally cause trouble for the players in myriad ways if used. Players can also acquire items known as Forcejewels that can be used for their benefit or to disrupt other players. A full game could take anywhere from 20 minutes to two and a half hours, depending on how many Precioustones the player(s) decided to be available to collect at the beginning.

Players will also be fighting monsters whenever they land on certain spaces. Players fight by playing a card to start a roulette which rolls from 1 to the number value of the card, and whichever number the player stops the roulette on is their attack power. They must roll a number equal to or higher than the card shown above the monster in order to defeat it and win a Forcejewel as well as the opportunity to steal Rings from another player selected by roulette (Versus Mode only). If the player rolls the same value as the opponent's HP, they will land a critical hit which awards them a greater bonus: in Versus Mode, they can steal twice as many Rings from another player, while in Story Mode they will get 2 Forcejewels. If the player rolls a lower value than the opponent's HP, the monster will attack the player and take away some of their Rings, ending the battle in failure. If the player does not have any Rings when they are attacked, they will have to miss a turn. Wild cards can also be used in battle: If a Special Card is played, the player can use their character's special battle ability, but if an Eggman Card is played, the player immediately loses the battle.

When landing on Precioustone Spaces, a player must battle a monster for the Precioustone, and if they lose, they will be sent back the number of spaces they traveled to reach the space, and any damage the monster has taken will be carried over to the next time a player engages that monster (e.g. If a player deals one damage to a Precioustone monster with 4 HP, that monster will have 3 HP remaining the next time it is engaged by any player). When the monster is defeated, the player who defeats it wins the Precioustone, and another one will appear elsewhere on the board. Dr. Eggman will also drop a weight on the player who was furthest away from the Precioustone, taking away half of their Rings.

The game features around 50 mini-games and around 30 mini-events. Mini-games range in variety and challenge and are divided by Teams of 2, Teams of 3 versus a Single Player and a Free-For-All. The mini events generally involve a little story, or event, and usually a choice is given at the end to determine a player's prize or punishment. As well as having a single-player Story Mode and a two- to four-player Versus Mode, the game has a “Sonic Room” where the player can play their favorite mini-games, after unlocking them, with their friends without starting a full game in a place called the "Toy Box", as well as a stereo to play their favorite songs in the game. Both of these must be unlocked by buying Photos from the Photo Album. Rings needed to buy the photos are accumulated in Story Mode and saved in the Sonic Bank.


The game features 8 playable characters (four of which need to be unlocked), each with their own unique abilities. The characters available from the start and in Story Mode are Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. The unlockable characters are Big the Cat, E-102 Gamma, Chao, and Super Sonic, and cannot be used in Story Mode.

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Sonic the Hedgehog
Special Movement Ability: Spin Dash — If Sonic plays the same number card for two consecutive turns, he will move twice as far on the second turn. So, if Sonic moves 3 spaces one turn, then plays a second 3, he can move 6 spaces on that turn. Sonic cannot perform this ability twice in a row, so if he plays a third 3, he will only move 3 spaces.

Special Attack Ability: Light Speed Spin Attack — When Sonic plays a Special Card in battle, he will roll a card roulette from 1 to S (7).

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Miles "Tails" Prower
Special Movement Ability: Propeller Flight — Tails can move through the air across special spaces with his tails on them.

Special Attack Ability: Rapid Spin Attack — When Tails plays a Special Card in battle, he will draw two cards to attack with, with his total attack power being the sum of the two cards. If he draws an Eggman Card, he will lose his chance to attack. If he draws another Special Card, that card will be ignored and he will draw another card.

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Knuckles the Echidna
Special Movement Ability: Climbing — Knuckles can climb walls that have Knuckles Spaces on them.

Special Attack Ability: Maximum Heat Attack — When Knuckles plays a Special Card in battle, he will draw two cards to attack with, with his total attack power being the sum of the two cards. If he draws an Eggman Card, he will lose his chance to attack. If he draws another Special Card, that card will be ignored and he will draw another card.

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Amy Rose
Special Movement Ability: Hammer Jump — Amy can jump from one space to another when passing through a pair of Amy Spaces.

Special Attack Ability: Revolving Hammer Attack — When Amy plays a Special Card in battle, she will inflict 5 points of fixed damage to the opponent.

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Big the Cat
Special Movement Ability: Froggy — If Big plays a 6, he can stop wherever he likes from 1 to 6 spaces. When this ability is used, Big will chase Froggy to the selected space.

Special Attack Ability: Power Throw — When Big plays a Special Card in battle, he will attack by throwing a huge rock at the opponent. He draws a regular card as normal, and his attack power will be whatever number the roulette stops on plus 1 (e.g., if Big rolls a 4, his attack power will be 5).

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
E-102 Gamma
Special Movement Ability: Rolling Mode — Gamma switches to Rolling Mode if he plays a 4, 5 or 6, protecting him from losing Rings if he lands on a Minus Ring Space.

Special Attack Ability: Gun — When Gamma plays a Special Card in battle, he will roll two card roulettes, each numbered 1 to 3. Gamma's attack power is the sum of the two cards.

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Special Movement Ability: None

Special Attack Ability: Lullaby — When the Chao plays a Special Card in battle, it will draw a regular card and attack as normal. If the Chao does not defeat its opponent, the opponent will not retaliate.

SonicShuffle DC Sprite CharacterHUDIcons.png
Super Sonic
Special Movement Ability: Light-speed Spin Dash — If Super Sonic plays the same number card as he played in his previous turn, he will move twice as far. So, if Super Sonic moves 3 spaces one turn, then plays a second 3, he can move 6 spaces on that turn. Unlike Sonic's movement ability, Super Sonic can consecutively use this ability on his third and fourth turns.

Special Attack Ability: Sonic Rumble — When Super Sonic plays a Special Card in battle, he will roll a card roulette from 4 to 6.

Mini Games

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VS 4

Shuffle sonicola.png Sonicola
Purely a game of chance where each player selects one of five cans of soda from a vending machine. One of the five cans was freshly shaken and will spray soda into the face of the unfortunate player who picks it. Each player who did not receive the shaken can gets 20 rings. Of course, since there are five cans of soda, there is a chance that not one will lose and the whole thing ends up in a tie.
Shuffle stopandgo.png Stop and Go
A game of Red Light, Green Light, on ice. Everyone is on ice and Eggman is at the other end holding a Forcejewel. Players can only move when he isn't looking. If Eggman catches someone moving, they are frozen. If a player grabs the jewel before time is up, then it is won as well as 30 rings. If it is not, whoever is closest gets 20 followed by 10 and 5. The analog stick must be used carefully; quickly move it forward and slowly move it back to the center. Eggman has a tendency to turn around every two seconds whether or not he actually does it.
Shuffle overthebridge.png Over the Bridge
A simple race over a windy bridge for a Forcejewel. There are various holes in the bridge; tap A lightly to jump over them. Jumping too high or tripping over a hole will slow a player down.
Shuffle gunslinger.png Sonic Gun Slinger
This Western style mini game lets players shoot at outlaw targets. Aim for a target with the analog and press A to shoot. Don't shoot the women targets or else you lose rings and have to sit out the next shootout. Repeatedly shoot the Eggman target that shoots back.
Shuffle soniclive.png Sonic Live
The four characters each have a guitar on stage. When the spotlight is on you, press either A, B, X, or Y to get rings. Don't press when not lit—doing so will cause the player to lose rings. Twenty bonus rings are awarded for the character who gets the most rings.
Shuffle psychicsonic.png Psychic Sonic
A card appears in the center of the screen and a letter starts to appear on the card. Press the button corresponding to the letter when you can identify the card. A player wins 5 rings if correct with an additional 5 for each consecutive correct guess. Lose five rings for incorrect guesses. The one with the most rings at the end wins. The computer can do this very well. There is a way to beating this game without being psychic. Since there are only four cards to choose from, there are only four different patterns the mystery card makes before revealing itself. The best way of spotting it is when the card pops up, wait exactly a second. The card that is most clear one second later will be the card.
Shuffle sonictag.png Sonic Tag
This game of tag is a four way split screen arena with a pyramid in the center. One player is marked IT and can't collect rings. Tagging another player will make that person IT. At two corners there are springs. Hitting the spring will bounce you to the top of the pyramid, where a gong that dispenses rings can be hit. Whoever is IT at the end of 60 seconds doesn't win 20 rings. The player that is IT can use the arrow above their character's head to find the nearest victim.
Shuffle shadowtag.png Shadow Tag
This game is similar to Sonic Tag, but takes place in a circular beach arena. The player that is IT loses rings while IT tags another person by stepping on the person's shadow. Eggman shines light on people that are not the IT player to make longer shadows. Near the end of the round, the sun sets and the shadows naturally get longer. Whoever is not IT at the end wins 20 rings. Because the beach is hard to run on, jumping can be quicker.
Shuffle frostyrumble.png Frosty Rumble
This minigame has an icy arena with ice blocks everywhere. Pick up a block and throw it to open it up. Rings (and sometimes a Forcejewel) appear inside. Larger blocks take longer to lift but have more rings inside. A player loses rings if they are hit by a block. It's easier to move a character when it is not carrying a block. There is a bonus of 20 rings for who gets the most rings in the game, with bonus of 10 for second and 5 for third.
Shuffle greatescape.png Great Escape
This game features a dimly lit maze with everyone in the center. Try to get to one of the corners to leave the maze. No one can leave the maze the same way as another player. Jump over holes or else you start at beginning. There are light switches that will light the room briefly as well as other items, such as paralyzing you opponents for a few seconds or adding 5 seconds to the clock. Win 20 rings by getting out first, followed by 10 for second and 5 for third but lose 10 if you don't. Some of the black squares aren't holes so take that into consideration.
Shuffle eggandthechicken.png Egg & the Chicken
Everyone is handed a bomb and is thrown in a basketball hoop. The one who stays longest under the hoop without getting hit wins. Press A to wuss out anytime. Sometimes the ball will roll very fast down the hoop but then go back up. Eggman also hits the wall to disrupt to bomb's pattern. When the music stops, the bomb will drop so listen closely. This can take as little as five seconds or more than thirty. How intense! 30 rings go to the winner and ones who got hit lose 10. Ties are possible, so there could be more than one winner.
Shuffle sonictank.png Sonic Tank
Everyone is riding a tank in a square arena with two columns. Move around with the analog stick and press A to shoot. Use the triggers to slide left and right, but this disables the ability to shoot. Eggman will come by and drop bonus items, such as a laser blast or shield, as well as bombs, which should be avoided. Each person has a life meter. A player receives ten rings for each fellow player destroyed. When time is up, whoever has the most life (or who is left standing) wins 10 rings. Second gets 5, third loses 5 and fourth loses 10. If more than one player is destroyed, places are judged on when the person was removed.
Shuffle funfunsonic.png Fun Fun Sonic
Everyone is jumping on trampolines. Use the analog to move to another trampoline. Players can go only as far as two trampolines away from the one they are on. As a trampoline is jumped on, it changes color. They go from blue-cyan-green-yellow-pink-red. When a red trampoline is hit, it breaks and rings are won depending on what the starting color is. Blue is worth 6, Cyan is worth 5 and so on. You lose if you fall through a broken trampoline. If two people hit a red trampoline at near the same time, the person who hits it second collects the rings. 2 or 3 times during the game Eggman starts a special feature: all rips worth twice or thrice the value, rings shower everywhere, everyone gets hit by a tub, or iron balls land on some spots or everyone that fell through is back in the game. You keep the rings you earn plus 20 if you survive but lose 10 if you don't. Only two special rounds show up if one is a double or triple score round. Just search for the pink and red ones to collect more.
Shuffle jumpthesnake.png Jump the Snake
Everyone stands on a platform and a snake comes out of a random hole to play jump rope. Press A to jump over the snake. The snake can go back into the hole and come out a different one. Eventually the platform starts to rotate, making it even harder. Hitting the snake will result in falling off the platform. Last one standing wins 30 rings. The snake usually speeds up as the game progresses, but sometimes is tricky and goes slow, so watch out!
Shuffle zerogsnapshot.png Zero G Snap Shot
A frame is shown on the screen and everyone is floating around. Use the analog to point to a direction and press A to swim in the direction the character is in; press Y or B to strike a pose. Anyone in the frame when time is up wins rings. 20 rings go to the person closest to the center while 10 rings are awarded to anyone mostly in the frame. A hand in the frame doesn't count. If a character floats to the edge of the screen they'll reappear on the other side.
Shuffle thorshammer.png Thor's Hammer
Players stand on a large pillar. Eggman shoots bolts of lightning at the pillar or charges over the pillar, causing characters to lose rings. The best way is to see where his shadow is and staying away from it. If a bolt of lightning destroys a small piece of the pillar, rings will fly out and sometimes a Forcejewel. Jump up to get them first. If a character is falling off, pressing A will help them back on. 20 rings are awarded to the person who got the most rings. 10 for second and 5 for third.
Shuffle overtherainbow.png Over the Rainbow
The object of this minigame is to jump from one lily pad to another. One of the four buttons is displayed at the top of the screen (A, B, X, or Y.) Press that button to jump to the next lily pad before the timer surrounding the button turns all blue. Pressing the wrong button or not pressing it in time will make you fall. As the game progresses the button pops up quicker and there is less time to press it. Last one standing wins 30 rings.
Shuffle twister.png Twister
Everyone gets caught in the funnel of a tornado. Just move around with the analog to collect rings and avoid flying debris which will cost coins. A line of rings appears every so often so make sure to be in the area when that happens. Sometimes a Forcejewel appears, so keep an eye out. Most rings appear on the outer rim. The winner gets 20 rings followed by second with 10 and third with 5.
Shuffle numberjump.png Number Jump
Two towers with numbers appear. Everyone starts on the same number. Jump to a number one higher than you are on by pressing A and the direction that the next number is. Staying on a number that is moving or jumping to a number that isn't there will result in starting from the bottom again. Landing on the number at the top lets a player win 30 rings. Be careful as some numbers change. Sometimes the starting number changes to a high number making an easy win. Pressing A rapidly while switching direction each time can get a player to the top quickly.
Shuffle egginspace.png Egg in Space
Thirty switches are displayed; press A in front of one to see if it has the button to launch Eggman into space. Finding the button wins 30 rings. It's mostly luck to find the right switch; simply try to remember what switches others pulled. It is very unlikely for time to run out before a player finds it.
Shuffle tractorbeamtag.png Tractor Beam Tag
This game takes place in a park-like arena. Three people are IT while one is not. The three people are in a tractor beam and have to move as a group to tag the other person. Once tagged, that person is in while one of the other three is not IT. While IT, the three people lose rings. Halfway through, Eggman shoots out rings for the person not IT to collect. Whoever is not IT when time is up wins 30 rings.

2 VS 2

Shuffle sonicthethief.png Sonic the Thief
Two teams of two players racing each other by cracking safes. The left person tries to crack a safe by choosing one of eight directions on the analog. An exclamation point appears over your head when you have the right direction. Right person presses A to open the door. Sometimes two or three combinations have to be found, so the right person has to press A each time the left person finds a number. If right person presses A when the left person doesn't have the exclamation point over his head, both get shocked and have to start over on that door. Whoever opens the most doors by the end of the time each wins 20 rings. Ties are common. If a group is behind, they will have less combinations per door while the group in the lead will always have three combinations per door. This gives the trailing team a chance to catch up.
Shuffle shoddywork.png Shoddy Work
Two teams must create a 'perfect' piece of architecture with various blocks. The person on top presses A to pick a block, uses the analog to rotate it and can either press A to drop the block or press B to reject it. The bottom person is holding an outline of the shape. They can move the shape left and right to place the shape. Jumping will result in the last piece to fly up for repositioning. A shape can be rejected by either moving all the way to one side or jumping twice. The object is to fill the outline with the falling blocks. The outline doesn't need to be filled completely—just the trim. However, filling it in will make placing the blocks for the top area easier. When time is up, Eggman will come by to judge the creation. He will destroy the one that is less similar to the original shape. The winners receive 20 rings each. The outlines range from simple squares to difficult angled patterns. Available shapes for the pattern are a yellow square, a large red rectangle, a blue triangle, a small green rectangle, and a smaller green rectangle.
Shuffle bucketorings.png Bucket-O-Rings
Two teams of two players line up between a ring pile and a mine cart. Left person presses Left to a bounty of rings and A to scoop up two rings. Pressing A faster scoop them up more quickly. The bucket can hold as many as ten rings but at any time the left person can move right to where the right person is. Right person presses Left to pick up bucket of rings from partner and moves right to the cart. Press A to toss rings into cart only when exclamation point is over head. Pressing it when there is no exclamation point will result in the rings not landing in the cart. The more rings in the bucket, the harder it is to carry it. Any rings still in the air when time is up won't count. The team with the most rings each receive half the collected rings.
Shuffle bombrelay.png Bomb Relay
Each team is running with a bomb. While one teammate is carrying the bomb, the other has "HEY!" over his head. The word gets larger until at one point it is huge and then gets smaller. The player carrying the bomb has to press A to toss the bomb when "HEY!" is at its largest. The closer you toss it to the time when "HEY!" is big, the faster both people go. The tossing goes back and forth until one team reaches the lake. Winners receive 20 rings each.

1 VS 3

Shuffle wrongwayclimb.png Wrong Way Climb
Three people have to repeatedly press A to run up a down escalator while moving left to right to dodge balls thrown by the person at the top. The one person presses all the way to the left or right to grab a ball, selects a lane to throw it down and presses A to throw it. Metal balls roll down one lane, but tennis balls bounce from one lane to another. Red balls stay in one lane but explode if a person hits it. Runners lose rings if hit and fall down the stairs slightly. If no one reaches the top by the end of the time, the thrower gets 30 rings. If someone makes it to the top, that person gets 30 rings while the other two get 10.
Shuffle bungeejump.png Bungee Jump
One person jumps off a high platform while the other three below try to get the one person to take their Forcejewel. In the meantime, the one person is falling and can move the analog to collect rings that are falling with them. The other three try to collect rings that are falling onto the platform. The shadow of the rings are visible before they arrive, so be prepared. As for the jumper, there are usually two groups of rings to go for each time—one has 4 rings, while the other only has 2. On the main platform, a red X marks the position of the jumper. If the jumper successfully grabs a forcejewel, the jumper gets the jewel and the person that had it wins 20 rings. If the jumper fails, they lose 20 rings. Only the jumper can win

a jewel.

Shuffle manicmaze.png Manic Maze
Three players get put into a marble maze with a large marble and a hole in the center. The remaining player moves the maze around to get characters to fall down the hole in the center. The three can move around to try and avoid falling in the center. Rings get sprinkled into the maze but it's not worth dying for. If a person gets hit by the marble or switches direction too quickly, the person falls down and can easily be moved by the one person. If the one person can get all three in the center hole before time is up, he wins 30 rings while the three lose 10 rings each. If there is at least one survivor when time is up, the three win 10 rings each with a bonus 10 to any survivors. Usually the one person has the advantage but sometimes the design of the maze will make it more difficult to get anyone in the center.
Shuffle sonicooking.png Sonicooking
Three players are put into a large frying pan while the remaining one moves the frying pan in a similar way as the maze. If the one holds down and quickly presses up, he

can do a stir fry flip. As for the other three, they hop around the hot pan and can move around with the analog stick. Holding A will make a player hop slower but they can't move as much. Rings are lost if a characters falls off the pan but the player gets back on the pan. As this is going, rings are falling on the pan. The three can collect rings on the pan while any rings that fall off go to the one moving the pan. Usually when a person falls of the pan, the rings that they lose usually fall off the pan as well. One final trick for the pan handler is to press and hold A and move the analog in a clockwise direction about 10 times; the three get shot high in the air and lose rings. It takes about 15 seconds to do successfully and can only be done once. Players win the rings they collect in this game. There are no bonuses.

Shuffle gargantua.png Gargantua
Eggman powers up a player (?!?) and causes him/her to become about four times bigger than normal. The other three try to shoot them down without getting stepped on.

The big character can walk around and stun others nearby by jumping or step on them to eliminate them. Each person has a shooter. When near the giant, press and hold A to shoot. Mines will explode at times, which can hurt the giant and stun the shooters. If the giant survives when time is up, they wins 20 ring plus 10 for each person crushed. The shooters lose 10 if crushed. If the giant is destroyed, each person wins 10 rings plus an additional 10 if not crushed.

Shuffle eggbotsattack.png Eggbot's Attack!
One person gets a set of mechanical legs and chases after the other three down a road, trying to crush them. The three can move left and right while running and trying to dodge items that can immobilize them. The one person decides where to land the big feet by moving them left or right. The three can see its shadow so stay away from it. The left foot can't go all the way to the right and vice versa. The giant gets 10 rings for each crushed person. The runners get 20 if they survive but lose 10 if they don't.
Shuffle sonicdj.png Sonic DJ
One player controls the record that everyone else is on. Press up and down to scratch it, which causes everything to move to the edge and press A, B, X, or Y to shock a side. Anyone on the edge of the side you shock will lose rings. Rings will get sprinkled onto the record. Scratching the record will cause the rings to fall off the edge. Any rings that fall off go to the DJ. If scratched too much, the system overheats and the DJ loses 10 rings. For the three people, they can move and jump around the record. Avoid the edge of the record as well as the needle to prevent losing rings.

Accidents (VS 4)

Shuffle sonicparasol.png Sonic Parasol (Emerald Coast only)
This game has four characters and one parasol on a beach with a sun. When the sun gets too bright, everyone has to take cover or else they will lose rings. Only one person can be under the parasol at a time. Walk up to it to pick it up if it is on the ground, but if someone is holding it, walk under it and jump to force it out of their hands. There are some sea creatures walking around that will cause you to lose rings if you hit it. If the person with the parasol hits an enemy, they drop the parasol. When the enemies start to hide under the sand, that means that the sun will get bright soon. When the sun is bright, it showers rings and sometimes a Forcejewel onto the beach. The person with the parasol can usually get all of the rings; the other three have to wait under the canopy until the sun gets less bright. The person with the parasol moves slightly slower than the rest. Whoever gets the most rings before time is up wins a bonus 20 rings. Second gets 10 and third gets 5.
Shuffle ringtide.png Ring Tide (Emerald Coast only)
There is a beach setting again, except waves crash down leaving rings, sea urchins, driftwood and the occasional Forcejewel. Avoid the urchins and wood as well as the crabs because they make you lose rings while collecting the rings that appear on the beach. If the wave lands on you, it is possible to get swept away by the undertow. Press A repeatedly to get back on land. To prevent this, when a wave comes, move to the bottom of the screen. Whoever gets the most rings before time is up wins a bonus 20 rings. Second gets 10 and third gets 5.
Shuffle rapidclimb.png Rapid Climb (Fire Bird only)
Everyone is on an airplane wing. The wind pushes you back, so repeatedly press A to move forward as to not fall off. Rings and other debris fly by; collect the rings while avoiding the debris. The wing changes angle, meaning you either have to press A more or less depending on how steep the angle is. Press Left or Right to move from side to side. Don't press A too much or else you might fall off the front of the wing. If you stay on the wing when time expires you win a 20 ring bonus. Falling off the wing will result in a loss of 10 rings.
Shuffle skybridge.png Sky Bridge (Fire Bird only)
Everyone stands on top of a plane that is flying under bridges. Press Down to duck when a bridge passes by; press A to jump and collect rings that are in the air. These are some deadly rings to get. Jump as little as possible so that you land back on the plane right away instead of getting slammed by a bridge. Some rings only require standing up to get. Players are awarded 20 rings for surviving the flight, and lose 10 rings if they fall off. The rings aren't worth dying for so if you stay in a duck position the whole time, you are guaranteed to win the 20 rings.
Shuffle crocattack.png Croc-Attack (Nature Zone only)
Players must very quickly press A before being getting eaten by the crocodiles. 20 rings for the first to get out. 10 for second, a loss of 5 for third and a loss of 10 for fourth.
Shuffle ringoffire.png Ring of Fire (Nature Zone only)
Everyone stands on a large platform while rings of fire pass by. Inside the rings are regular rings and occasionally a Forcejewel. Jump through the rings of fire to collect the rings without touching the fire, which will result in a loss of rings. Some fire rings rotate, making it trickier to get the rings, but these are the ones that usually hold Forcejewels. As the game continues, the platform rises and lowers. When the platform is up, some rings don't have to be jumped through while others are so low that they are unattainable. First place gets 20 rings while second gets 10 and third gets 5.
Shuffle thruthetunnel.png Thru the Tunnel (Riot Train only)
This game is similar to Sky Bridge. Everyone starts on the last car of a train and the object is to run to the first car. Press Up to move forward and down to duck under obstacles; press A to jump to grab rings. As the race continues, the back cars start to come off. Hitting an obstacle will set you back a few feet. If you are hanging off the end of a car, repeatedly press A to climb back on. The person who reaches the front car first wins 20 rings. Anyone still in the race at that time win 10 rings while anyone that fell off loses 10. If everyone fell off, no one loses rings.
Shuffle ringlasso.png Ring Lasso (Riot Train only)
Everyone stands on a train while another one passes by. The doors open, revealing up to 8 treasures with either a direction or a button letter underneath it. Just press the direction or button to grab the corresponding treasure. You can grab as many as 3 times before the doors close and another car comes by with more treasures. The bigger the bag, the more rings are inside. Sometimes a Forcejewel is present. No bonus is awarded.
Shuffle finalfrontier.png Final Frontier (Fourth Dimension Space only)
Everyone stands on a square platform. More platforms come from the top while the ones on the bottom go away. The centers of the platforms open up that either give a blast of fire that will make you lose rings or shoot a small fountain of rings or Forcejewel. If you fall off the platforms, you'll pop out of the center of a platform while losing rings. Whoever collects the most rings gets 20 bonus rings; second gets 10, while third gets 5.

Stage Clear

Shuffle sonicsurfing.png Sonic Surfing
Surf down the tidal wave by pressing Left and Right to move in that direction. You can jump but it will move you back. Hitting driftwood will result in lost rings and getting sent back. Riding the top of the wave will get you ahead. Don't go too far or else you'll fall of the wave. As the game progresses, the wave gets larger and larger. When the wave is almost a circle, remember that when you are at the top that left is right and right is left. The one in the lead at the end wins. To stay in one spot you have to have the analog moved slightly to the right.
Shuffle skydiving.png Sky Diving
Everyone is falling to land on a balloon. Press Up to fall down more quickly and Down to fall down more slowly. Use Left to move clockwise and Right to move

counter clockwise. Clouds slow you down while vortexes speed you up. Hitting another person will slow you both down. Collect rings while falling. First one to hit the balloon wins. If someone is trying to bump into you, move left or right. You will lose speed but not as much as getting hit.

Shuffle earthquake.png Earth Quake
This is similar to Over the Bridge, except you are running on land. the areas ahead are foggy. The game warns you about half of the obstacles. Sometimes they switch to camera angle to a more difficult linear view. Jumping causes you to fall back so avoid doing it. Also, keeping to one side will slow you down. Whoever reaches safety first wins. Sometimes the warning signal moves from side to side before deciding on a place.
Shuffle stopthetrain.png Stop the Train
The train is out of control and everyone has to push it to stop. When the train has the blue light on, repeatedly press B. If the red light is on, mash button A. If you don't press the correct button or any button, you lose rings but if you do mash the right button, you'll win rings depending on how fast you are pressing it. Whoever wins the most rings by the time the train stops wins the game. If everyone refuses to push, the train will eventually stop right where the track ends. The time it takes to stop the train does matter on how good people's button mashing is.
Shuffle voidbattle.png Void Battle
The longest mini game, with Void as a huge creature that is out to take your coins. Everyone is on a platform with a smaller raised platform in the center. Void goes around attacking people. In the meantime, there are a bunch of switches on the platform. Two light up at one time. If you are the first to jump on one of the switches, Void will throw rings in your direction. Rings get sprinkled around the area as well as rocks that can hurt you. Void's attacks include smashing the ground to create shockwaves, zapping one person, stomping on people and so on. The game ends when the lit switches are hit 16 times and the big center switch gets lit. When you see Void toss rings, you can steal them by jumping up to grab them. Sometimes they don't even land on the switch.

Play Order

  • Sonic Slot - Each players plays on a slot machine that first displays 999, then counts down. Turn order in the main game is based upon how close each player stops the slots to 000 without going under.
  • Sonic Darts - The four players each throw darts at a moving target. Turn order in the main game is based upon the proximity of the players' darts to the center of the target.
  • Sonic Hi Lo - A simple game of hi lo, with all four players playing at once. The players must act fast to get the card that they want. The winner moves first on the game board.



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Voice actors

Role Japanese English
Sonic the Hedgehog/Super Sonic Junichi Kanemaru Ryan Drummond
Miles "Tails" Prower Atsuki Murata Corey Bringas
Knuckles the Echidna Nobutoshi Canna Ryan Drummond
Amy Rose Emi Motoi Jennifer Douillard
Big the Cat Syun Yashiro Jon St. John
E-102 Gamma Steve Broadie Steve Broadie
Dr. Eggman Chikao Ohtsuka Deem Bristow
Lumina Flowlight Ikue Ohtani Elara Distler
Void Urara Takano Lani Minella
Illumina Yuko Minaguchi Elara Distler
Chao Tomoko Sasaki Tomoko Sasaki
  • Unlike in Sonic Adventure, there is not any voice option to switch between Japanese and English voice languages. These are defaulted according to the regional version, with the Western versions using the English voices and the Japanese version using the Japanese ones. The voice language option was once again restored for Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Unlike in the English dub of Sonic Adventure, Ryan Drummond not only voices Sonic (and counterpart Super Sonic), but also Knuckles. Following Sonic Shuffle, the role was given to Scott Dreier in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • This was Corey Bringas' last game as Miles "Tails" Prower, because his voice was noticably deeper. His brother Connor Bringas voiced Tails in the following game, Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Amy's Japanese voice is provided by actress Emi Motoi rather than cast regular Taeko Kawata, who was on maternity leave at the time.
  • E-102 Gamma is voiced by Steve Broadie in both Japanese and English versions of the game.

Production credits

  • Producer: Hirokazu Kojima
  • Supervisors: Akinori Nishiyama (Sonic Team), Yuji Uekawa (Sonic Team)
  • Production Manager: Masato Shibata
  • Project Leader: Bill Ritch
  • Lead Game Designer: Hidenori Oikawa
  • Game Designers: Koichi Takeshita, Daisuke Takeuchi
  • Lead Programmer: Yasuhiro Kosaka
  • Board & System Programmers: Masatoshi Sugibayashi, Hideki Nishimoto, Shoichi Tahata, Tetsuharu Takashima, Takuya Suzuki, Yoshitaka Shibata, Yoko Miyabayashi
  • Lead Artist: Hisashi Kubo
  • Board & System Artists: Toshiro Okamoto, Taiichi Matsuda, Norihiro Kanie, Masahide Inaba, Hideki Soma, Motoshi Kuwahara
  • Mini-Event Artist: Akihiro Shibata
  • Lead Character Artist: Manabu Yanagisawa
  • Character Artists: Yasuhiro Fujii, Yuji Yano, Chiaki Nishiki, Masahiro Kamohara, Megumi Okazaki, Akemi Ihara
  • Cinematic Director: Shoji Mizuno
  • Cinematic Assistant Directors: Toshifumi Sekijima, Naoto Yoshimi
  • Cinematic Producer: Nobuya Okabe
  • Cinematic Assistant Producer: Satoshi Nagaoka
  • Cinematic Animation Director: Masayuki Goto
  • Cinematic Artists: Naoto Onuki, Takayuki Hayama, Shin Katada, Masanori Kubota, Tomoya Ohata, Ryoko Suzuki, Kazuyo Yoshida, Fumihito Saito
  • Cinematic Engineers: Jin Kamohara, Zenjiro Motono
  • Mini-Game Design Leads: Issei Takahashi, Hop, Jinichi Fuyuki, Katsuhiko Sugiyama, Tomosuke Kashiwabara, Hiro Yokoyamax, Hisanori Fukuoka, Hiroyuki Yagi, Tetsuya Ishikawa, Koichiro Genda, Kouji Inokuchi, Kazunori Sato
  • Mini-Game Programmers: Juhyoung Kang, Tomokazu Ninomiya, Junsoo Bae, Sangyoun Lee, Donghyun Ban, Dandy Arai, Tetsuma Yoshida, Norihisa Takabatake, Naoki Hirasawa, Donpei Morita, Yoshinori Koiwa, Nobuyuki Mark Kimura, Tsuyoshi Tsuchimoto, Hisanori Fukuoka, Takahiko Murakami, Kazunori Sato, Shin Fukumoto, Hirotaka Iwayama, Keisuke Hino
  • Mini-Game Artists: Tomoyoshi Miyashita, Takeshi Murata, Hideto Ishikawa, Haeyoung Park, Misun Yang, Huichung Lee, Hyungjin Kim, Akira Katagi, Akiyoshi Otsuka, Minoru Sato, Kazuhiro Hayashida, Yoshikazu Aoki, Kouji Kato, Hironobu Hatta, Koichi Sakuma, Hiroyuki Kikkawa, Toshinori Tabata, Gengo Ito, Hideyuki Katsuyama, Hideaki Honjo, Noriaki Kawakami
  • Sound Production Managers: Keisuke Mitsui, Kenichi Funayama, Hidenobu "Kalta" Otsuki
  • Music Director: Akihiro Satoh
  • Sound Effect Director: Osamu Narita
  • Sound Effect Engineer: Hiroyuki Tsuboguchi
  • Opening Movie Music: Kazuhiko Sawaguchi
  • Opening Movie Music Engineer: Hironao Yamamoto
  • Music Composition, Arrangement & Programming: Kaltek Music Engine, Hidenobu "Kalta" Otsuki, Ryo "L.D." Fukuda, Takeo "3-Jya" Suzuki, Yoshitaka "Sat" Hirota, Kazumi Mitome
  • Quality Assurance Managers: Hiroyuki Ohta, Shota Takahashi, Tetsuya Komatsu
  • Voice Acting Supervisor: Eriko Kimura
  • Voice Acting Producer: Hiroyuki Inage
  • Voice Acting (Japanese): Junichi Kanemaru, Atsuki Murata, Nobutoshi Canna, Emi Motoi, Chikao Ohtsuka, Shun Yashiro, Ikue Ohtani, Urara Takano, Yuko Minaguchi
  • Localization Producer: Osamu Shibamiya
  • Assisting Producer: Jason Kuo
  • Test Lead: Rick "Maverick" Ribble Jr
  • Product Manager: Rich Briggs
  • Marketing Director: John Golden
  • Creative Services: Bob Schonfisch, Angela Santos, Laura Belzer, Simon McIlroy
  • Public Relations: Heather Hawkins, Gwen Marker
  • Voice Casting, Directing & Production: Pro-Motions Productions, Lethal Sounds
  • Voice Acting (English): Lani Minella, Ryan Drummond, Jon St. John, Elara Distler, Corey Bringas, Jenny Douillard, Deem Bristow
  • Voice Recording Engineer: Rick Bowman
  • Voice Acting Supervisors: Jun Senoue (Sonic Team USA), Keith Palmer (Sonic Team USA)
  • Special Thanks: Takayuki Kawagoe (Smilebit), Yoichi Shimosato (Smilebit), Jin Shimazaki, Hiroshi Igari, Tetsuo Inoue, Jun Kanda, MP Team, all the family members of the team for waiting so patiently to see us again
Presented by SEGA
Source: In-game credits



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Physical scans

Segaretro-round.svg Reception »
Dreamcast, JP
Shuffle jp boxart back.jpgNospine-small.pngShuffle jp boxart.jpg
Dreamcast, JP (Sample)
SonicShuffleSample DC JP Box.jpg
Dreamcast, US
Shuffle us back cover.jpgShuffle us boxart.jpg
Dreamcast, US (Not for Resale)

Shuffle us nfr cd.jpg
Dreamcast, EU
Shuffle dc eu disc.jpg
Dreamcast, EU (White Label)

Shuffle ppa.PNG
Dreamcast, PT
SonicShuffle DC PT Box.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast
2001-01-11 GD-R Page

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