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Emerald Coast
For the Sonic Adventure level, see Emerald Coast.
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Emerald Coast
First board, Sonic Shuffle
Location: Maginaryworld
Level themes: tropical island, ocean, winter
Underwater areas: Yes
Non-English names:
Fire Bird

Emerald Coast is the first board in Sonic Shuffle. It is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy peacefulness and the sun, and the dream world of Knuckles. Void's presence corrupts the tropical paradise, throwing it into a rather unseasonal ice age with its warm islands becoming cold glaciers. Sonic and friends have to gather the Precioustones to thaw the ice and restore the paradise to its former glory.


Most of the board consists of winding wooden walkways over the sea, along with pathways that lead underwater. Players can enter the water, but doing so will place a five-turn timer on them. If they stay underwater for too long without going back to the surface or passing an air bubble space, they will drown, booting them back to the surface and wasting a turn. North of the board is a giant iceberg where the final Precioustone will spawn.

Sea turtles act as stepping stones across water, but they cannot be crossed when they are submerged. If a player lands on a dolphin space, a flying dolphin will take them for an impromptu ride to another space somewhere on the board. Towards the end of the game, the wooden ship in the lower portion of the board takes to the sky and flies away, eliminating a valuable shortcut.


When the player lands on the Quest space, they are given eight turns to return a beached dolphin to the sea. If they make it to the sea within the allotted turns, they will complete the quest and earn an Emblem at the end of the board.

Accident Mini-Games

Shuffle sonicparasol.png
Sonic Parasol
This game has four characters and one parasol on a beach with a sun. When the sun gets too bright, everyone has to take cover or else they will lose rings. Only one person can be under the parasol at a time. Walk up to it to pick it up if it is on the ground, but if someone is holding it, walk under it and jump to force it out of their hands. There are some sea creatures walking around that will cause you to lose rings if you hit it. If the person with the parasol hits an enemy, they drop the parasol. When the enemies start to hide under the sand, that means that the sun will get bright soon. When the sun is bright, it showers rings and sometimes a Forcejewel onto the beach. The person with the parasol can usually get all of the rings; the other three have to wait under the canopy until the sun gets less bright. The person with the parasol moves slightly slower than the rest. Whoever gets the most rings before time is up wins a bonus 20 rings. Second gets 10 and third gets 5.
Shuffle ringtide.png
Ring Tide
There is a beach setting again, except waves crash down leaving rings, sea urchins, driftwood and the occasional Forcejewel. Avoid the urchins and wood as well as the crabs because they make you lose rings while collecting the rings that appear on the beach. If the wave lands on you, it is possible to get swept away by the undertow. Press A repeatedly to get back on land. To prevent this, when a wave comes, move to the bottom of the screen. Whoever gets the most rings before time is up wins a bonus 20 rings. Second gets 10 and third gets 5.
Shuffle sonicsurfing.png
Sonic Surfing (Stage Clear)
Surf down the tidal wave by pressing Left and Right to move in that direction. You can jump but it will move you back. Hitting driftwood will result in lost rings and getting sent back. Riding the top of the wave will get you ahead. Don't go too far or else you'll fall of the wave. As the game progresses, the wave gets larger and larger. When the wave is almost a circle, remember that when you are at the top that left is right and right is left. The one in the lead at the end wins. To stay in one spot you have to have the analog moved slightly to the right.



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