Spin Hammer Attack

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Amy using the move in Station Square.

The Spin Hammer Attack is one of Amy Rose's techniques, useable only in Sonic Adventure. The attack sees Amy twirl her hammer in a circle around her, spinning on the spot to knock out any enemies who enter her strike radius. Her Piko Piko Hammer trails pink hearts and an afterimage as she spins.

Activated by holding B or X and spinning the control thumbstick around in a circle, this attack is not available to Amy at the start of the game, requiring the Warrior Feather upgrade to use. Amy spins on the spot for a while, but eventually gets dizzy and staggers around drunkenly for a few seconds. The technique is not a particularly useful one mainly because Amy remains rooted to the spot for the duration (contrast Tails' Rapid Tails Attack with the Rhythm Badge), although the Long Hammer upgrade enlarges the circle of effect and thus becomes somewhat more practical.