Rhythm Badge

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The Rhythm Badge (Rhythm Brooch in the Japanese version) is an upgrade available to Tails in Sonic Adventure. It enables the fox to use Tail Swipe continuously, whirling at speed across the ground like some sort of vulpine dervish. Curiously, the item is acquired by Tails during a Tikal-induced flashback, so where it physically comes from is a little mysterious.

Sonic Adventure

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  • Purpose: Allows Tails to use continuous Tail Swipes.
  • Location: The Knuckles Clan city in Mystic Ruins, during Tikal's vision after Sand Hill. The upgrade is located towards the left of Tails' starting position.
  • Requirements: None; just complete Sand Hill.
  • Required For: While this is purely a novelty item to make Tails' life easier when dealing with groups of enemies, you can't leave the Echidna City without it. Tikal simply doesn't appear at the foot of the pyramid until you've picked it up.


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