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Maginaryworld (マージナリワール)Media:SonicShuffle_DC_JP_manual.pdf[1] is a dimension that serves as the setting for Sonic Shuffle, and the residence of Illumina and the Precioustone. It is a dream world created from the dreams of people in other dimensions through the power of the Precioustone, and contains parts of everyone's dreams. The existence of Maginaryworld was threatened when Void shattered the perfect Precioustone into pieces.

This world is very similar to Nightopia, the setting for NiGHTS into Dreams.


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Due to Maginaryworld's nature, there are countless locations based on people's dreams. These are the known locations that the heroes travel to:

Temple of Light
The central location of Maginaryworld, and the home of the Precioustone.
Shuffle EmeraldCoast.png Emerald Coast
A world for those who enjoy peacefulness, and the dream world of Knuckles. This was nearly frozen over by Void.
Shuffle FireBird.png Fire Bird
A world for those who enjoy flying and freedom, and the dream world of Tails. The Fire Phoenix has been transformed into an airship, and the heroes must set it free.
Shuffle naturezone.png Nature Zone
A world for those who enjoy being close to nature and its beauty, and the dream world of Amy. Void's darkness slowly kills the plant life.
Shuffle RiotTrain.png Riot Train
A world for those who enjoy the thrill of adventures, and the dream world of Sonic. Due to Void's corruption, the train is unable to stop at a destination.
Shuffle FourthDimension.png Fourth Dimension Space
A world where dreams are stored. Here, Sonic and friends must prevent the constellations from falling.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

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