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Sonic Darts
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Sonic Darts
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Play Order

Sonic Darts is a Play Order mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played at the beginning of a Versus Mode session to determine turn order.


A dartboard bearing Dr. Eggman's face is placed on a wall, and the four players each throw darts at it by moving their cursors with the Analog Stick and throwing with A. The dartboard is constantly moving, so aiming will be tricky. Turn order on the game board is based upon the proximity of the players' darts to the center of the target; the closer they are to the center, the better their placements will be. Missing the dartboard will automatically place a player last.


Let's decide the playing order! Throw your dart closest to the middle of the target to move first!

— Game Rules

The dart board is constantly moving! Aim carefully!

— Advice

Character icon oddities

The character icons used on the darts themselves are older versions seen in prerelease screenshots for Sonic Shuffle[1]. Super Sonic's icon appears to be a recoloured version of stock artwork for Sonic.


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