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Forces Gamma.png
E-102 Gamma/γ
First seen: Sonic Adventure (1998)
Species: Eggman robot (E-100 Series)
Gender: N/A (referred to as male)
Age: Duration of Sonic Adventure
Height: 215cm (7')[1]
Weight: 825.256kg (1815.563lbs)[1]

E-102 γ, commonly known as Gamma (ガンマ), is an Eggman robot from the E-100 Series, and one of the six main playable characters in Sonic Adventure. A red and silver robot with an impressive array of weaponry, Gamma turns against his creator Dr. Eggman over the course of the story, and is eventually destroyed in a climactic battle with his 'older brother', E-101 β.

His play style in Sonic Adventure is unique as it involves only shooting and reaching the target while the time dwindles down. Score depends on how long the aim button has been held down and when shot, time is added to the timer as a reward.

Being one of Dr. Eggman's robots (or "clunkers", as Sonic called him) gives Gamma various different modes of mechanical locomotion, including temporary flight, and wheeled mode.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

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Dr. Eggman

E-102 Gamma used to work for Eggman then realized it was nicer to be a hero then eventually stopped working for him.

Amy Rose

When Amy was in the cell, Amy thought Gamma was Eggman's evil robot & told him to stay away from her & the bird, but when Gamma freed them they were friends ever since.

E-101 Beta

Gamma is Beta brother they both worked for eachother for eggman until Delta was rebuilt & turned evil into E-101 Mark II & killed the robot gamma





Game Appearances

Sonic Adventure

E-102 is activated in Eggman's Mystic Ruins base, in the entrance annexe to Final Egg. Eggman immediately orders Gamma to enter Final Egg to test his shooting capabilities. Although Eggman believes Gamma to not be advanced as E-101 Beta, Gamma surprises Eggman and is tested again by battling Beta to determine who will serve onboard the Egg Carrier. Eggman is again surprised when Gamma wins. Gamma is granted permission on the Egg Carrier, Beta asserts himself to Eggman as if he wants to go along as well. Eggman reluctantly agrees, saying he could always use him for parts. The Egg Carrier takes off from Mystic Ruins as Eggman gathers the E-100 Series in the interior of the ship to announce his search for Froggy, who now possesses Chaos' tail and a Chaos Emerald.

Gamma searches for Froggy in his Emerald Coast mission.

The E-Series go off to different places to find it, but Gamma finds it first in Emerald Coast. After obtaining Froggy, he is transported to the past by Tikal. He tries to obtain data on the environment, but can't identify it. He walks to the Emerald Shrine, where he finds Tikal and the Chao. Tikal initially stops E-102 to protect the Chao, but upon further inspection she sees that he's not there to harm them. She mentions the "loving and gentle presence" guarding the Chao, Chaos, and introduces her problems with her father.

E-102 reappears in the room where the Froggy search was announced. All the other E-Series are there with frogs, but none of them are Froggy. Eggman is very aggravated, but then sees Gamma has captured Froggy. He punishes the other E-Series by beaming them off the Egg Carrier. He then assigns Gamma to get Birdie from Amy in the Egg Carrier prison, then return to Eggman. On his way there, a rotating piece of the floor sends him through the wrong door. In this room, he finds parts of Beta strewn on the floor and mechanical arms making adjustments to his body. Gamma seems to be startled. He then goes to the prison to retrieve Birdie. After arguing with Amy to hand Birdie over, including a discussion about Gamma's lack of feelings, Birdie flies up to Gamma's face. Triggered by an unknown force, he releases Amy from the cell and hears her promise that they can be friends.

Eggman, unaware of this betrayal, then orders Gamma over the intercom to pick up the Jet Booster, then head to the main rear deck. Upon arrival, he's ordered by Eggman, who has just taken the Chaos Emerald from Birdie, to fight Sonic. After defeating Sonic, Amy stands in his way, pleading with him not to finish him. Gamma stands down, then when the Egg Carrier begins to fall out of the sky, Amy talks again to Gamma, giving him an offer to leave Eggman and join them, then escapes with Tails. As Gamma escapes by hovering down to the Mystic Ruins, he deletes Eggman's data from his memory banks, marks him as an enemy, and embarks on a new mission to "save" his E-Series brethren - by destroying them.

Gamma fights his former comrade E-104 ε in Red Mountain.

Gamma destroys Delta in Windy Valley and Epsilon in Red Mountain, releasing the animals in both, but has no idea where Beta and Zeta are. He remembers seeing Beta on the Egg Carrier and heads off to its downed remains on the ocean. He locates Zeta in Hot Shelter and destroys him. As he stops to think about what E-Series remain, he sees E-101mkII fly overhead and follows him to a final battle on the front of the Egg Carrier. Gamma defeats E-101mkII, but as he approaches the downed robot it fires at him then explodes. A white bird emerges from E-101mkII and flies to Gamma. As it flies away, Gamma suddenly remembers: that white bird, itself, and Birdie are relatives. Gamma lies down and explodes, freeing a pink bird from inside him, which flies up to the white bird. Amy, also on the Egg Carrier and trying to help them reunite, arrives with Birdie, are reunited, and all three fly off into the distance.

Sonic Shuffle

In Sonic Shuffle, Gamma is an unlockable playable character. Though he has no role in the game's story mode, his return is said to be due to the strange power of the dreams of Maginaryworld.[2]

Sonic Battle

A similar design homage to Gamma comes in Sonic Battle, where both the Guard Robos and Chaos Gamma bear an uncanny resemblance to E-102. Sonic and Tails even mistake Chaos Gamma for the original in their first meeting. Rouge suspects that Chaos Gamma may have been built using Gamma's wreckage.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

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In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie)

In the Archie comics, Gamma appears only in one issue of Sonic Universe, at the same time as E-123 Omega is introduced. Gamma tells Omega that "You are a walking arsenal. I am an assassin". Omega destroys Gamma, but not before the older robot uploads part of his personality to E-123, turning him against Eggman.

Sonic X

E-102 appears in the Sonic X adaptation of the Sonic Adventure storyline, where he fulfills much the same role as he did in the game.

Sonic Prime

The pink bird inside of Gamma appears in the cartoon, frequently seen with Amy.[3]

List of appearances

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