Earth Quake

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Earth Quake
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Earth Quake
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Stage Clear

Earth Quake is a Stage Clear mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is played after all of the Precioustones have been collected in Nature Zone.


This mini-game is similar to Over the Bridge, except players are running on land. The collapse of the dark structures has started an earthquake, and a fissure is rapidly chasing the players. Players have to run along the forest path, collecting as many Rings as they can while avoiding obstacles that will make them lose Rings if they crash into them. Incoming trees are indicated ahead of time by exclamation signs and must be avoided by moving left or right, but sometimes these warning signals move from side to side before deciding on a place. Rocks can be avoided by either moving to the side or by jumping, but doing the latter will cause players to fall back. Also, keeping to one side will slow players down.

As the mini-game goes on, the game will sometimes switch the camera angle to a more difficult linear view. When everyone reaches safety, the player who is in front of the pack will win the mini-game and get one of the all-important Emblems.


The fissure is right behind us. Be careful of the rocks and trees and head for the exit!

Lumina Flowlight at the start of the mini-game


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