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Tractor Beam Tag
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Tractor Beam Tag
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: VS 4

Tractor Beam Tag is a VS 4 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


This game takes place in a park-like arena. Three players are trapped inside a tractor beam underneath Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobile while one is not. The three players inside the tractor beam have to move as a group to tag the remaining player, as they will be constantly losing Rings while inside the tractor beam. Once tagged, the solo player will lose up to 5 Rings and be sucked into the tractor beam while one of the other three will be freed. The solo player can use the Speed Boosters around the park to get a burst of speed away from the players in the tractor beam.

Halfway through, the battleship atop the fountain will shoot Rings into the park for the solo player to collect. Whoever is not inside the tractor beam when time is up wins 30 Rings.


The 3 players held together by Eggman's tractor beam must work together to catch the 4th player or they will keep losing rings!

— Game Rules

The 3 players in the tractor beam can run faster if their Analog Stick movements match!

— Advice


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