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Sonic Hi Lo
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Sonic Hi Lo
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Play Order

Sonic Hi Lo is a Play Order mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played at the beginning of a Versus Mode session to determine turn order.


This is a simple game of Hi Lo, with all four players playing at once. Eight cards, numbered 1 to 20, are placed on the table and displayed, then are turned face down and shuffled. The players must act fast to get the card that they want by selecting with the Analog Stick and pressing A to make their choice. Turn order is determined by the value of the chosen cards, with the highest value moving first on the game board. It helps to keep track of the highest-valued cards that are being shuffled to ensure an early placement in the turn order.


Let's decide the playing order! The player who chooses the highest numbered card wins!

— Game Rules

Watch the cards being shuffled closely! It helps to watch the highest and 2nd highest cards.

— Advice


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