Deem Bristow

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Deem Bristow
Place of birth: Eaton, Ohio, United States
Date of birth: 1947-04-11
Date of death: 2005-01-15 (age 57)
Role: Voice actor

Deem Reginald Bristow was an American actor and voice-over artist, his most well-known role was that of Dr. Eggman in the famous Sonic the Hedgehog video games. He collapsed Sunday, Jan. 15, 2005 at a singles dance and died shortly after (aged 57) at Sharp hospital in San Diego. It has been long believed that Bristow's death resulted in 4Kids Entertainment using their own voice actors until 2010, but the decision to replace the cast was made shortly before Bristow's death.

Some of his sound clips from Sonic Adventure 2 were reused during races in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (though new phrases like Gear changes were recorded by Mike Pollock).


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