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E-101 β
E-101 β
Game: Sonic Adventure
Level: Final Egg
Hits to defeat: 3
Fought by: E-102 γ
Next form: E-101mkII

E-101 β, generally known as Beta, is a villainous Eggman robot which debuted in Sonic Adventure. The first true member of the E-100 Series, Beta is a large black humanoid robot with missile-silo arms, as opposed to the more dexterous appendages of his less advanced “younger brother”, E-102 γ.

In Sonic Adventure, Beta functions as the principal foil in Gamma's story. The robot starts the game as E-102's sparring partner in an early boss fight to determine who would be granted a position aboard Dr. Eggman’s aerial fortress, the Egg Carrier. The boss fight sees Beta fire missiles similar to Gamma's, and he flies using a Jet Booster plate like the upgrade obtainable later in the game. Beta is defeated in combat, but not in spirit, and appeals to Eggman for a second chance. Amused, his creator agrees, reasoning cryptically that he could always use some “spare parts” …

Gamma next encountered the older E-100 model by accident – entering a construction chamber to find unit E-101 stripped down to the chassis and currently under a torturous remodeling operation. This horrifying sight would later come to play a key role in Gamma’s opinions of his master Eggman and his eventual leave of duty. While E-102 was busy tracking down his younger brothers for termination, Beta was being reconstructed into a E-101mkII – an airborne fighter with improved weapon capabilities, including advanced homing missiles, laser cannon arms, and large spiked gauntlets used for bludgeoning “charge” attacks. Beta Mk II navigated with a tail “rudder” and employed an advanced tracking system in his single green “eye”.

Gamma and the ‘new’ Beta faced off once again aboard the downed Egg Carrier as part of the former's crusade to “rescue” his brothers from Eggman’s control. Beta, despite improvements, was defeated. But he would not go down alone – with what power remained, Beta blasted Gamma at point-blank range, destroying his brother and ironically completing E-102’s mission by freeing the animal trapped within him.

Beta’s power source was a grey-feathered Flicky bird, a mate to Gamma’s pink variation and parent to "Birdie", a blue Flicky rescued by Amy Rose.

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