Metal Island Area

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Tails' Skypatrol
Metal Island Area
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Metal Island Area
Third level, Tails' Skypatrol
Level theme: sky
Secondary level theme: flying fortress
Boss: Carrotia
Non-English names:
Ruin Wood Area | Dark Castle Area

Metal Island Area is the third level of Tails' Skypatrol.


This level takes the form of a giant airship in the sky, reminiscent of levels like Wing Fortress Zone. Pieces of the airship are outfitted with propellers and rocket exhausts that will push Tails around if he flies too close to them, and swinging pendulums will knock him out of flight if he collides with them. Large clouds will obscure the view, making it harder to see what's coming towards Tails.

Unlike other stages in the game, this one loops vertically. Therefore, if the player continually moves down, they will loop back to the top. Should the player's power gauge fully deplete, the game will disable vertical scrolling to ensure the player doesn't have to wait a long time to lose a life. Additionally, this is the most open level in the game as pieces of land are sparsely placed from one another in contrast to the claustrophobic design of other levels, giving Tails plenty of room to fly.

The boss of this level is Carrotia. Clearing this level awards the player an Area Bonus of 15,000 points.


Tobikoshi Crow — Flies in to attack, then retreats.
Balloon Gun — Gun turret attached to a balloon.
Dorigame — Turtle-bots that throw projectiles.
Bee Fly — Flies about in erratic patterns.
Carronade — Mounted cannons that shoot cannonballs at Tails.
Haneruton — Skeleton that leaps up and explodes in a shower of bones.


Tails' Skypatrol
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