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General bugs

Clip through walls

TailsSkypatrol GG Bug RuinWood WallClip1.png
Get hit and recover...
TailsSkypatrol GG Bug RuinWood WallClip2.png
...then fly through the wall.

Whenever Tails recovers from tumbling after being hit by enemies and hazards, he will have brief invulnerability frames. During this time, all collision with the terrain is temporarily disabled. This can be exploited to take unintended shortcuts through thin walls, such as the wall encountered after the first minecart in Ruin Wood Area.

Not fixed in any version.

Level-specific bugs

Metal Island Area

Destroy part of the propellers

TailsSkypatrol GG Bug MetalIsland PropellerTile.png

The tile used for the top-right corner of the large double-bladed propellers is erroneously assigned to be breakable. This means Tails can break it by either shooting his Ring at it, or by flying into it while under the effects of a Muteki Star.

Not fixed in any version.


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