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Sonic Dash

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For the engine, see Sonic Dash (engine)

SonicDashTitle.png iPhone | iPad

Fast Facts on Sonic Dash

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Hardlight
System(s): iOS, Android

Release Date RRP Code
Apple IOS US 2013-03-07 $1.99 ?
Apple IOS UK 2013-03-07 £1.49 ?
Apple IOS EU 2013-03-07 €1.79 ?
Apple IOS AU 2013-03-07 $1.99 ?
Google Android US 2013-11-26 Free ?
Google Android UK 2013-11-26 Free ?
Google Android EU 2013-11-26 Free ?
Google Android AU 2013-11-26 Free ?
Windows 8 US 2014-12-03 Free ?
Windows 8 UK 2014-12-03 Free ?
Windows 8 EU 2014-12-03 Free ?
Windows 8 AU 2014-12-03 Free ?

Sonic Dash is a game that is developed by Sega Europe studio Hardlight that was released for iOS and Android mobile devices. It was accidentally revealed when it was listed as one of Hardlight's iOS games on a Job posting on February 26th, 2013.

The game is a endless run and jump type game in which Sonic runs through the levels automatically. The player can collect rings and avoid enemies and obstacles throughout the level. Scenarios and sounds are based on Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace (from Sonic Heroes) and changes as the player progresses. The game records how many meters the player has travelled. Game Center is supported with Achievements and Leaderboards. Shadow the Hedgehog was later added as a playable character as part of the first global challenge. Version 1.6 added two new areas: a beach (with boats around and killer whales overhead) and underwater tubes, as seen in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Blaze the Cat was also made playable through the second global challenge. Silver the Hedgehog became playable though the Christmas Festive Challenge. Rouge the Bat was later added as a playable character in the Fifth Global Challenge. Cream the Rabbit became a playable character though the Easter Global Challenge. The game includes two boss battles, against Zazz and Doctor Eggman. These fights use the music from Sonic Lost World's Deadly Six boss fights and Sonic Adventure's Egg Hornet battle respectively.


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