Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

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Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
SonicWinter iOS icon.png
System(s): iPhone, iPod Touch
Publisher: Sega
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2010-01-29  ? ?
Not to be confused with the DS and Wii title Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games was a game released for iOS on January 29, 2010. It was collection of minigames based Olympic events. Gameplay involved players tilting the iDevice as well as using the touch screen in a variety of ways. Due to being on a device other than a Nintendo console, the name was shortened and the Mario characters were removed from this version of the game.



  • Skeleton - Guide your character down the track by tilting the device left and right, avoiding obstacles and collecting rings along the way.
  • Curling - Swipe your finger up the screen to throw your stone across the ice. Sweep your finger back and forth quickly to guide it with the brooms a pair of Chao are using.
  • Figure skating - Essentially a rhythm game, tap the circles that appear onscreen in order, and trace your finger along the lines that appear. It is somehwat similar to combat in Sonic Chronicles.
  • Snowboard cross - Race against 3 other characters as you tilt the device left and right to steer, as well as forwards and backwards for speed and balance.

Removal From the App Store

Less than a week after being released, the game was mysteriously pulled from the App Store. It has yet to make a return.


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