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Sonic Runners Adventure
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Publisher: Gameloft
System(s): Android, Java.ME
Genre: Action
Release Date RRP Code
Google Android OS
2017-06-10  ? ?
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Sonic Runners Adventure is an action-adventure/ side-scrolling runner game developed and produced by Gameloft released for Android and Java.ME in 2017, internationally.

This is a sequel to the original Sonic Runners, developed by Sonic Team in 2015, with a series of changes regarding its layout, graphics and HUD, while maintaining the same gameplay. Similar to its predecessor, its gameplay is based on an runner, where the character moves automatically and player his jumps and depending on the type of character, special abilities like a triple jump. They are kept the original game a variety of items and some of the buddies that help the player to come up with new ways or give a reward, but the Wisps were removed.

Unlike the original game, which was freemium, this one now has a fixed price. In addition, there are no more microtransactions within the game and no need to access the internet to play it.

The game features 47 stages with 4 stage themes based on past franchise locations: Green Hill from Sonic the Hedgehog, where speed-type characters are recommended; Desert Ruins from Sonic Lost World, where fly-type characters are recommended; Lava Mountain from Sonic Lost World too, where power-type characters are recommended; and Sky Sanctuary from Sonic & Knuckles, where fly-type characters are recommended


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