Special Stage (Sonic Generations 3DS)

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Special Stage (Sonic Generations 3DS)
Special Stage (Sonic Generations 3DS)

Special level, Sonic Generations (3DS)
Number of Acts: 7

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The Special Stage in Sonic Generations uses the same concept as the Sonic Heroes Special Stage, where Modern Sonic runs through a half-pipe and collects balls scattered along the pipes while dodging bombs. In the special stages, the Chaos Emerald is floating towards the end, and the goal of the stage is to catch up to the emerald before it reaches the end of the stage. To do this, you must collect balls that give you boost power, while dodging bombs that knock you down, allowing the Emerald to distance itself from you. Later stages have speed pads, and even springs that will send you through a series of speed rings.


Sonic Generations (3DS)
Sonic Generations (3DS)
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