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Time Eater
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Time Eater
Game: Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Hits to defeat: 8
Fought by: Classic + Modern Super Sonic

The Time Eater is the final boss in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. This boss is fought as both Sonics in their Super forms, similar to other Super Sonic-only final bosses since The Doomsday Zone.


The Time Eater was found in deep space by Dr. Eggman some time after the ending of Sonic Colours, who decided to use its properties of manipulating time and space to erase his past defeats. However, he realized he would not be able to do this alone, so he asked his past self to help him with modifying the Time Eater for their use. Once perfected, they used the Time Eater to rip places from Sonic's history and place them in the White Space, then ruined the hedgehog's birthday party.

In this version of the game, both versions of Tails intervene, saving the two Sonics from a serious blow. The Sonics decide to help the Tails in return and transform into their Super forms to take on the Eggmen.


Compared to the boss battle in the console/PC versions, this battle plays out differently - the player cannot freely switch between 2D and 3D perspectives, instead only switching automatically after each hit, and the player begins with 100 Rings that count down every second as opposed to the usual 50. The fight begins from a 2D perspective with Classic Sonic in the lead and is controlled similarly to other Super Sonic-only battles in the series, with the Time Eater attacking by firing spears of light at the hedgehogs, then delivering an underhook punch telegraphed by four purple reticles. Afterwards, the Time Eater's core will glow, and the player should strike it by locking on to it and pressing B.

The fight will then switch to a 3D perspective with Modern Sonic in the lead, and as such the controls change - the player will constantly move forward towards the Time Eater, using the Circle Pad/D-Pad to maneuver around and pressing Y to boost. As they fly towards the Time Eater, the player must keep moving around to avoid the Time Eater's attacks as well as the floating rocks, while also boosting into Rings to keep their Ring count healthy. When they get close enough to the Time Eater, they must press B in conjunction with the Circle Pad/D-Pad to avoid the Time Eater's attacks and strike its core for another hit.

The fight will switch back to 2D and will continue to alternate between 2D and 3D after each hit. Additionally, the number of attacks the Time Eater will use will increase with each hit, and new attacks will be used:

  • After the second hit, the Time Eater will start firing green lasers straight forward.
  • After the third hit, the Time Eater will launch its arms at the player during the approach. These must be avoided by pressing B + Circle Pad/D-Pad when prompted, or the arms will push them back.
  • After the fourth hit, the Time Eater will charge up and fire a giant laser from its mouth after the green laser attack.
  • After the fifth hit, the Time Eater will launch giant clocks at the player after avoiding the arms. The minute and hour hands on the clocks will be moving fast as they approach the player, so they will need to maneuver past those when going through the clocks.

After dealing the seventh hit, both Super Sonics will begin flying together towards the Time Eater, and the player is then prompted to hold the Y button to make both Sonics continually boost towards the Time Eater and avoid the boss' last-ditch laser attacks using the Circle Pad/D-Pad. The Sonics will then boost through the Time Eater's core, destroying it and ending the battle.


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