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" Deeper "
Death Chamber theme, Sonic Adventure 2
Album: Multi-dimensional Sonic Adventure 2 Original Sound Track
Arrangement and Music by: Tomoya Ohtani
Vocals: Hunnid-P
Guitar: Shinichi Moritake
Additional Credits:
Tenor Sax & Alto Sax: Kohji Orita
Trombone: Wakaba Kawai
Brass Arrangement: Kenichi Tokoi
Mixing: Hirokazu Akashi

Deeper is the theme of Death Chamber in Sonic Adventure 2. Like all the other Knuckles-related songs in Sonic Adventure 2, this song is Hip-Hop, consisting of an electronic Hip-Hop beat, synth chords, synth bass, a saxophone, and Hunnid-P's rap vocals.

The album version of this song includes a conversation between Sonic and Knuckles in the place of what was a saxophone solo in-game.


This is Knuckles
And you have reached the Death Chamber

(Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber)
From front to back all I see is stones
I'm glad that I don't call this home
(Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber)
A lot of trick stuff that makes you fall into a trap
(Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber)
Eggman wants to steal our soul, keep the Emeralds and build a throne
(Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber)
Not if I can help at all
I will not let him take it over

"Sonic, what are you doing here?"
"I heard you were on a quest for the Master Emerald"
"You know me and you don't get along"
"I don't think that's the point right now, Knuckles
I know how much that emerald means to you
and I wanna help get it back
Stop bein' stubborn and think"
"Well, I guess you're right"
"Ya damn right Knuckles"
"I know Eggman's secret station's here somewhere
All we have to do is find it"
"I know we'll need a key to get inside
That's our only way to find it
So let's go"