Chemical Plant (Sonic Forces)

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Chemical Plant
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Chemical Plant
Fourteenth level, Sonic Forces
Location: Chemical Plant
Level themes: industrial, underwater
Played as: Classic Sonic
Underwater areas: Yes
Non-English names:
  • JP: ケミカルプラント Kemikaru Puranto
Capital City | Red Gate Bridge

Chemical Plant is the fourteenth stage of Sonic Forces and the fourth stage to be played by Classic Sonic. As the name implies, this level is located in Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but inspired by the version seen in Sonic Generations. It is the only stage of the main campaign that features underwater sections.


After the failure of "Operation Big Wave" thanks to the Phantom Ruby, Knuckles debriefs the Resistance on their situation. While everyone is brought up to speed about the Eggman Empire's replica army, Rouge reveals that she has discovered that Dr. Eggman has his database in Chemical Plant. In an effort to stop the Eggman Empire's greatest weapon, Classic Sonic and Tails head for the Chemical Plant to find Eggman's database and extract information about the Phantom Ruby.

Once they find the database, Tails gets his hacking on and shifts through Eggman's personal data, eventually finding a file on the Phantom Ruby. From it, Tails learns how the Ruby manipulates virtual reality and how Eggman incorporated a prototype into Infinite, which is the source of the jackal's strange powers. He also finds a piece of information that shows that the Phantom Ruby has a weakness.


Like the original Zone, Chemical Plant has yellow-clad pipes filled with blue chemicals that spiral through almost the whole map which Classic Sonic will be running down, as well as high-speed warp tubes for quick transport, and moving yellow blocks that can potentially crush the hedgehog. The player must use these blocks to scale vertical shafts, which requires a knowledge of the game physics and quick reflexes.

The player will eventually reach the stage's Mega Mack pools that they must wade through. They must be extra quick getting through these sections, as Classic Sonic runs out of air much more quickly in this game compared to other titles in the series.


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