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Egg Gate
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Egg Gate
Fifth level, Sonic Forces
Level theme: Death Egg
Secondary level theme: outer space
Played as: Modern Sonic
Non-English names:
  • JP: エッグゲート Eggugēto
Prison Hall | Arsenal Pyramid

Egg Gate is the fifth stage of Sonic Forces, and the second stage played by Modern Sonic. It is the second stage located in Death Egg Zone from Sonic & Knuckles, with an atmosphere that is reminiscent of stages like Final Rush from Sonic Adventure 2.


After Sonic gets out of jail and defeats Zavok, he goes to the outside of Death Egg and then comes across an immense space station that has a huge fleet of spacecraft. At the end of the stage, the blue savior falls into one of the exit points where the Avatar was about to be attacked and captured by a group of Egg Pawns, but is saved in time by Sonic, soon after they receive a transmission of the Resistance that their next mission will be an attack on Dr. Eggman's weapon factory in Green Hill that needs to be destroyed so there will be less ammunition on the enemy side.

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