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The Hornet, ホーネット, are a series of robots part of GUN's military force and that appear in Sonic Adventure 2. They are eye-like robots with a certain number of branches holding pods. and with the number 05 emblazed on them. They usually patrol an area, (quickly turn if facing away) and fire their weapons. The way to destroy them is to attack their core. In case of every Hornet but the Laser Hornet, they spread their bomb pods and then launch them, becoming as harmless as a wandering Mono Beetle. If a character goes beyond the draw distance and then returns, the Hornet will be armed once again. As a side note, if either Tails or Eggman don't have the Laser Blaster upgrade, locking one bomb and firing will only destroy that one, while if they do have the upgrade, the Hornet will be completely destroyed.

  • Hornet-3 - A basic Hornet, has three bomb pods - 100 points
  • Hornet-6 - A Hornet-3 with six bombs - 200 points
  • Hornet-9 - A Hornet-6 with three addictional bombs - 300 points
  • Laser Hornet - A Hunter-3 with laser guns instead of bomb pods - 100 points
  • Phoenix - A faster Hornet-3 coloured red. - 100 points


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