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The Beetle, γƒ“γƒΌγƒˆγƒ«, are a series of robots part of GUN's military force and that appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. They are ball shapped flying robots with the number 05 emblazed on them*. They are the most basic of robots along with Hunters and can be seen in most stages. Some of them are there to serve as an obstacle but many actually help in level progress: Sonic and Shadow can use them as stepping platforms by using the Homing Attack, amongst other less important examples. There are six major models, each constructed upon the most basic of Beetles, the Mono Beetle.

These robots are not to be confused with Dr. Robotnik's Beetle robots found in Egg Quarters.

*The number 05 might be a mistake and 01 was supposed to be instead, since these robots seem to be numbered according to series and the Hornet series are numbered 05 as well. It makes sense that it would be the number 01, as the Beetle series are always mentioned first and are the most basic ones, and that's the number missing.

  • Mono Beetle - Very similar in purpose to Spina - 100 points
  • Gun Beetle - A Mono Beetle that fires projectiles. - 100 points
    • Gun Wing - A Gun Beetle with wings. - 500 points
  • Bomb Beetle - A Mono Beetle that drops bombs. - 100 points
    • Bomb Wing - A Bomb Beetle with wings. - 500 points
  • Spark Beetle - A Mono Beetle with an electric shield, very alike Spana. - 100 points
  • Spring Beetle - A Mono Beetle with a springy top. - 100 points
  • Gold Beetle - A golden Mono Beetle with teleportation capabilities. 1000 points


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