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First seen: Sonic Advance 3 (2004)
Species: Eggman Robot / Gizoid
Gender: N/A, referred to as male
Height: 110cm (3'6")
Weight: 110kg (242lbs)

G-merl (ジーメル), is a robot created by Dr. Eggman who debuted in the Game Boy Advance game Sonic Advance 3. G-merl would serve as a secondary antagonist throughout the game; Sonic and co. fight against him in Act 3 of Sunset Hill, Toy Kingdom, and Cyber Track; and also in the Boss Acts of Route 99 and Altar Emerald.

G-merl bears a great deal of resemblance to (and derives his name from) Emerl, the Gizoid whose development forms the core of Sonic Battle's story. However, the precise nature of G-merl's relation to Emerl is unknown. It is stated that Dr. Eggman created G-merl from Emerl's "data", which would seem to imply that G-merl is merely an advanced Phi series robot.

Boss Battles

G-merl serves as a miniboss throughout Sonic Advance 3, usually protecting Goal Rings and in two instances larger boss machines. In each of these battles, G-merl takes four hits to destroy in Normal Mode, and two in Easy Mode. Like Emerl before him, G-merl learns new attacks throughout the game and gradually becomes a more serious foe.

When G-merl is defeated as a miniboss, he typically retreats to Eggman's nearby boss machine and incorporates himself into its structure somehow (reminiscent of Metal Sonic's actions in Newtrogic High Zone).

You must battle G-merl in each of the following zones:

Route 99 - Fought almost immediately in the Boss Act. G-merl simply sweeps the arena in low-altitude, slow-moving bursts. Trash the up-and-comin' contender to advance to the first bona-fide boss.

Sunset Hill - Fought near the end of Act 3. G-merl sweeps the arena, as well as jumping in the air and performing a fairly accurate homing attack on the player.

Toy Kingdom - Fought near the end of Act 3. In addition to his old sweeping and homing maneuvers, G-merl learns to launch small, slow-moving missiles that cover the horizontal extent of the arena. They're a tad tricky to dodge.

Cyber Track - Fought near the end of Act 3. G-merl learns three new tricks for this battle. First, he'll sometimes sprout a protective shield when you attack him, preventing you from landing a hit. Secondly, he'll teleport directly beside your character and attempt to cut through you. Finally, he'll leap into the air and quickly fly to the other side of the screen and back, each time leaving a trail of missiles that will home in on you. Strangely enough, G-merl still retains his antiquated sweeping attack.

Altar Emerald - Fought almost immediately. G-merl operates almost exactly the same as he did last time (sans evasive shield maneuver) with one new card up his metallic sleeve: G-merl warps to the top of the screen and sprouts six orbiting missiles, which are eventually released from their center of gravity. While only two impact the floor inside the arena, it's unpredictable to tell where they'll land, so watch out. Defeat the battle-hardened robot and brace yourself for the penultimate boss.


G-merl's transformation (top) and Sonic going Super to stop him (bottom).

The Bad Ending - Fail in your task to gather the seven Chaos Emeralds as Sonic, and you'll have earned the bad ending. Having fumbled his last stand, Eggman attempts to flee the scene with his fallen partner in crime. The controlled character, as per usual, busts the doctor's Eggpod, causing it to careen into the abyss to the right. G-merl himself lands at the edge of the precipice, and after hesitating for a brief second, decides to follow his master into the unknown below. Sonic and Co. don't seem too troubled by the apparent deaths of their adversaries, as the Master Emerald is seconds away from restoring the planet to its former glory.

The Good Ending - Collect the seven Chaos Emeralds and beat Altar Emerald as Sonic. Eggman attempts to escape with G-merl and spouts off his assurances of vengeance, as usual. G-merl, however, strikes out on his own and rudely head-butts Sonic unawares, wrestling all the Chaos Emeralds from his grasp and using their powers to transform into Ultimate G-merl. The beast escapes into space, but the Chaos Emeralds happen to fall back to earth, allowing Sonic to harness their power and transform into Super Sonic. Tossing aside their personal vendettas, Sonic and Eggman both pursue Ultimate G-merl and take him down in Nonaggression.

An unspecified amount of time later, Cream and her mother find the original, damaged shell of G-merl washed up on the beach. Tails uses his technical skills to repair the robot, resulting in a robot much more tolerant of carbon-based lifeforms. G-merl is last seen having tea and frolicking with Cream, Vanilla, Cheese and the local wildlife, effectively taking the role of his fun-loving predecessor Emerl. G-merl hasn't been seen since.


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