Route 99

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Route 99
First level, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: urban
Boss: Gemerl & Egghammer 3
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Route 99, listed as Route 99 Zone in the page titles, is the first zone of Sonic Advance 3. It breaks from the usual routine of the Tropical island cliché being the first level of the zone, as it is a big city with yet uncommon obstacles. This mess of highway features a lot of straight-aways to allow you to become accustomed to the game's high speeds, as well as some simple platforming, switch puzzles and rails. Gimmicks include moving boxes, poles which launch you upwards, corkscrew bridges, and wheels that, when applying a spindash, open up optional platforming segments. Dangers included badniks, spike pits, death by crushing, and a brief bottomless pit near the end of Act I.

The boss stage features two fights. First, you're faced of by Gemerl. He simply moves left to right and back again across the screen, and can be defeated by attacking him 4 times (or twice on the game's Easy setting).

After Gemerl's defeat, you'll face the first Eggman boss of the game. After his previous attemps with the first and the second Egg Hammer Tanks, the Doctor attempts to whack you with an alternating series of left and right hammer strikes. Stand on the base on his machine, and he'll crush you. Defeat Eggman by tempting him with a close-range smash and move to the outside of the arena before he connects. Eggman's cockpit will be in easy reach of an attack. Repeat this 7 more times (5 if you're playing on Easy). Eggman will flee and you'll be spirited away to the orange landscape that is Sunset Hill.

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