Toy Kingdom

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Toy Kingdom
Fourth level, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 3
Boss: Eggcube
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Toy Kingdom is the only toy-themed level in the series, with different toys scattered throughout the level. This include springs that come out of boxes and toy soldier enemies. There are also Elephant slides and cute Panda Tea-cups for the player to ride, also suggesting it could be a theme park aimed at small children. Like the other even numbered zones, this zone ends with a mini-boss fight with Gemerl. If the player has Sonic in the lead, and finishes Act 3, Amy Rose will be unlocked for use in story and time trial.

Amy is listed as the last character in the intro and Character select screen, implying Cream would be unlocked here instead (with a zone-theme to match her personality), but instead, it is Amy.

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