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Twinkle Snow
Fifth level, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: winter
Boss: Egg Chase

Twinkle Snow Zone is the customary ice level for Sonic Advance 3, though possesses surprisingly few "snow" gimmicks. Mine carts offer a quick ride through portions of this zone. There are also a few collapsible platforms. Water is present within the zone, though it is mostly avoidable by taking a high route (this also helps avoid the bottomless pits, something many levels in SAdv3 have).

The boss battle takes place in a tall tower. Eggman scrolls up the screen, and you must escape him by jumping on a series of collapsible platforms. If a platform hits Eggman, he'll take damage. However, occasionally, he'll flip over and lob a spiked ball in your general direction. Eggman cannot be damaged while upside down. As Eggman takes damage, the stage will scroll upwards faster, Eggman's horizontal movement will be faster, and Eggman will use his chain-ball attack more frequently. After 8 platforms fall on Eggman (6 on the Easy setting), you'll win the battle and move onto Cyber Track.

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