Chaos Angel

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Chaos Angel
Seventh level, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: ancient ruins
Secondary level theme: sky
Boss: Egg Gravity
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Taking place in the sky, Chaos Angel Zone is the 7th zone in Sonic Advance 3.

In appearance, it is very similar to a temple or an altar. In the background, a moon and a large thunder head can be seen. Indoors, the walls are green with ancient writings on them. The interior areas are lit by lanterns. The 3rd act of this zone takes place almost entirely on floating platforms. The boss of this zone has its own theme, appropriately titled 7-Boss (and 7-Boss Pinch) in the Sound Test.

Apparently, Chaos Angel is located on Angel Island, as it is graphically similar to the next level, Altar Emerald, which has the shrine of the Master Emerald in the background.

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