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Fast Facts on Egg Pinball

Game: Sonic Advance 3
Stage: Cyber Track

Perhaps one of the more favored bosses in Sonic Advance 3, the player is basically playing a game of dodgeball against Eggman, whom is piloting a mech that fans have come to call the "Cyber Egg Turret". Eggman is below the player, moving back and forth, launching blue crystal balls at the player, which ricochet when they make contact with a wall. The sides of the arena will fall into a pit if stood upon for too long. To beat this boss, the player must successfully knock Eggman's balls back at him (turning them orange). After taking half of his predetermined hits (6 on easy, 8 normal), Eggman fires more frequently, which can become chaotic as the balls move faster. Gemerl is just above Eggman.

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