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Bonus Stage
  • Bonus Stage 1
  • Bonus Stage 2
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Bonus Stage
Special level, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 2

Sonic Advance 3 has two types of Bonus Stages that can be accessed by floating blue Star Teleporters found in every Zone Map. To enter one, simply stand still under it, and you'll be taken to one of two Bonus Stages in which you must complete an objective before time runs out. If you succeed, you will earn multiple extra lives, up to a maximum of 5.

Break the Capsule

This Bonus Stage has a large Animal capsule with 5 buttons on it. One of the buttons will light up, and you must press it as quickly as you can to score points. The lit button will start off red, then change to yellow, then to blue, decreasing in point value.

  • Red - 3 points
  • Yellow - 2 points
  • Blue - 1 point

Get a certain number of points in 30 seconds or less to break the capsule and clear the stage. The amount of points required to break the capsule will increase as you progress through the game.

Defeat All Enemies

This Bonus Stage places you in a small level with 8 Badniks to find. Destroy them all in 60 seconds or less to clear the stage. This Bonus Stage has a different layout for each Zone in the game, with the Badnik selections matching the Zones accordingly. Badniks destroyed here will turn into flowers, a lá Sonic CD.

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