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Ocean Base
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Ocean Base
Third Zone, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 4
Level themes: underwater, industrial
Boss: Egg Foot
Maximum rings, Act 1: 318 + 33~180
Maximum rings, Act 2: 417 + 33~180
Maximum rings, Act 3: 195 + 28~175
Underwater areas: Acts 2 and 3
Non-English names:
  • JP: オーシャンベース Ōshanbēsu
Sunset Hill | Toy Kingdom

Ocean Base is the third Zone of Sonic Advance 3. As with other Zones in this game, Ocean Base consists of three standard Acts followed by a boss Act.


Ocean Base is set inside a secret underwater base on the seabed. The first two Acts are rather vertical stages that can get confusing if the player intends to rush their way through the Zone blindly. All three Acts in the Zone feature waterfalls that work similarly to the sand falls of Sandopolis Zone that Sonic and co. can ascend to get to higher areas. Acts 2 and 3 also feature pools of water to fall in, but despite its presence, the player doesn't have to spend much time in it due to the vertical nature of the Zone.

Other obstacles include giant crushers (some of which will sprout spikes a short while after the player lands upon them), water slides, Uutsubos that pop out of walls and spike pits. Gimmicks here include giant fan propellers that slowly rise as the player jumps upon the center (similar in appearance to a smaller gimmick in Sonic Advance 2's Sky Canyon), cannons that fire directly upwards, conveyor belts, transport tubes and rails that sometimes offer an alternative path to underwater routes.

The Zone's design makes it recommended to have Knuckles as the leader with any partner besides Sonic (as Knuckles loses his gliding ability if Sonic is his partner), as he can use his abilities to take shortcuts throughout the Zone. A major shortcut he can take is at the beginning of the second Act, where he can go to the left and climb up the wall instead of going in the direction of the signs, skipping at least a quarter of the Act.


Jousun — A swordfish Badnik that will ram into the player. Commonly found by waterfalls, making them tricky to avoid.
Spinner — The familiar bat-like Badnik that hovers in place, spinning its blades.
Takkon — An octopus Badnik that flies about in one spot, spitting ink downwards.
Uutsubo — A moray eel-like Badnik that pops out of walls to ambush the player.


The following are the required clear times to get each medal:

Gold Silver Bronze
Act 1 Under 3'30"00 3'30"00 — 4'30"00 Over 4'30"00
Act 2 Under 3'30"00 3'30"00 — 4'30"00 Over 4'30"00
Act 3 Under 2'00"00 2'00"00 — 3'00"00 Over 3'00"00
VS. Boss Under 1'45"00 1'45"00 — 2'15"00 Over 2'15"00


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