Sky Canyon

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Sky Canyon
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Sky Canyon
Fifth level, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: mountain/canyon
Secondary level theme: sky
Boss: Egg Saucer
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Sky Canyon is the fifth zone of Sonic Advance 2. It takes place in the sky, and one bad step spells instant death. You need your trick (hit a direction and R after being shot from a spring or ramp) on this one, as well as good timing and precision. Alternating paths, fans, a windmill-fan-like thing that changes your character's direction (pictured), mid-air springs, and ramps all guide you on your way to the end of this dangerous pit-laden level.


  • Madillo - An armadillo bot that rolls around on the ground.
  • Stinger - A returning badnik from Sonic Advance. Flies through the air and shoots bullets at you.
  • Straw - A hummingbird-type robot that comes in groups of threes similar to Whisps.


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