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Egg Totem
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Egg Totem
Game: Sonic Advance 2
Level: Music Plant
Hits to defeat: 8 (Normal) / 6 (Easy)

The Egg Totem (エッグトーテム Eggu Tōtemu) is the boss of Music Plant of Sonic Advance 2. This boss is a tower consisting of Eggman, three spiked discs, and a platform with wheels. Every once in a while one of the discs comes off. The discs sometimes show small bullet-shooting cannons that can be destroyed. When destroyed, use the now-safe platform to get to Eggman.

The first time Sonic fights this boss, Tails will be tied to a pole attached to the cockpit. Once the boss is defeated, you rescue Tails, and can then play as him.


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