Hot Crater

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Hot Crater
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Hot Crater
Second level, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: lava/volcano
Secondary level theme: industrial
Boss: Egg Bomber Tank
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Hot Crater is the second zone of Sonic Advance 2. It's a volcanic construction site flowing downhill with cranes and handrails, comparable to Red Mountain from Sonic Adventure. It's a bit trickier than the previous level when it comes to obstacles due to the abundance of gimmicks and bottomless pits.


  • Gola - A thing with flames around hit; hit the thing to destroy it.
  • Koura - Turtles, akin to the Bane Motora of Sonic Chaos's Turquoise Hill Zone.
  • Kubinaga - Long-necked serpentine bots that poke in and out of the ground or wall, spouting tiny fireballs with each thrust.
  • Kura-kura - A jellyfish with a tiny flame chain-ball. Just hit the jellyfish.


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