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Egg Saucer
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Egg Saucer
Game: Sonic Advance 2
Level: Sky Canyon
Hits to defeat: 8 (Normal) / 6 (Easy)

The Egg Saucer (エッグソーサー Eggu Sōsā) is the fifth boss of Sonic Advance 2, fought in Sky Canyon, and what a boss it is. The first time you get to this one as Sonic, Knuckles (who was again tricked by Eggman this time) is driving it.

Eggman/Knuckles, a laser-shooting mech, and a hand are spinning around on a wheel. The goal is to hit the laser-shooting mech until it breaks (takes 3 hits on Normal, 1 on Easy), then hit Eggman/Knuckles until it breaks. But watch for the hand -- if it hits you, it counts as a crush and you lose a life; if you touch it after it has already tried to smash you, you'll lose your rings. Eggman/Knuckles is on a platform with spikes on the bottom, but these shouldn't be a problem if you know how to move. If the laser is destroyed, the hand becomes more erratic.

After defeating this boss for the first time with Sonic, an angry and smoke covered Knuckles emerges. The level ends, and a cutscene starts to play: Sonic quickly understands that Eggman had tricked Knuckles again, and the echidna feels really ashamed of this. Sonic then continues on his way, leaving Knuckles behind. Knuckles is then unlocked as a playable character.


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  • A different song plays when Knuckles is piloting the mech. The regular pinch theme will still play, though.
  • In the aftermath cutscene, Knuckles' eyes are cyan rather than their proper colour, violet.
  • According to the Prima Strategy Guide for Sonic Advance 2, this mech was the most expensive weapon in Eggman's R&D expenses, which also resulted after its destruction in the next two Eggman machines being flops.


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