True Area 53

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True Area 53
True Area 53
Extra final Zone, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: outer space
Prerequisite: Clear XX with the four starting characters, and collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds for Sonic
Non-English names:
  • JP: トゥルーエリア53

True Area 53 is the true final Zone of Sonic Advance 2. It is accessible only by Sonic, and only after completing the other levels with all four starting characters, and collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds with Sonic. True Area 53 is called "Truth Area 53" on the title card in some versions.


Out of nowhere, Dr. Eggman shows up and kidnaps Cream's mother Vanilla and dashes into space. Now it is time for Sonic to power up to his super state and rescue her while trying to take down Eggman in this climax to Sonic Advance 2.

Sonic's controls are altered for the level in that he can only move up, down, left, right and diagonally. In addition, the A and B buttons only allow dashing in the direction he is facing. Sonic starts the level with 50 Rings, and loses them at the rate of one per second. If he runs out of Rings, he powers down from his Super State, and loses a life due to falling.

To clear the Zone, players must use Sonic's charged dashes to hit Eggman with his own missiles. Eggman's attacks include various sorts of projectiles, and a freeze ray. If Sonic is caught in the freeze ray, he'll be sucked into Eggman's machine and lose ten Rings. After eight hits, Eggman will charge the player and attack with a spinning move. Players can use to opportunity to dodge, or attack with the missiles. The boss is defeated after 12 hits.


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