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Music Plant
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Music Plant
Third level, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Egg Totem
Hot Crater | Ice Paradise

Music Plant is the third zone of Sonic Advance 2. This zone's theme is a first for Sonic games; it was previously used by Sonic Team as Ristar's Planet Sonata. This level is chock-full of music-related tricks that make use of the character's features: bars of music notation as bumpers, pianos, cymbals that act as springs, flutes whose holes shoot you up for a period of time, and horns that act as chutes (as in Green Hill Zone), among countless other things.


  • Bell - Immobile bell bots that cling onto ceilings. They tend to be placed at very inconvenient locations.
  • Circus - Blue ball-toting monkey bots that handstand in place and juggle their Egg-branded orbs.
  • Piko-piko - Clown bots that trot left and right along the ground hitting you with giant mallets once you get near.
  • Yado - Hermit crab bots that peek out from their shells just long enough to fire spitballs. They can be bounced off like springs.


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  • Just as the stage is based on Ristar's Planet Sonata, Sonic's sprites when he jumps on a cymbal spring are similar to Ristar's when he jumps on drums.
  • Music Plant's terrain on the map screen resembles a sound board and a key-tar.


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