Leaf Forest

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Leaf Forest
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Leaf Forest
First level, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: tropical island
Boss: Egg Hammer Tank II
Underwater areas: Yes
Hot Crater

Leaf Forest is the first level of Sonic Advance 2. This level fills the quota for a tropical island level by featuring a Green Hill-esque landscape.

This is the only level in Sonic Advance 2 to have water.



Spiral loop - Appears a few times in both acts of the zone. Based on the spiral loop in Sonic 2's Emerald Hill Zone. These loops are usually found above the ground, even at the top of the level. One of these is pictured in the template in the corner.

Big loop - Appears a few times in both acts. Not based on any earlier Sonic game ideas. One of these in act 2 happens to be missing the very top section.

Ramp - Sends the player away Sonic rotating around Y-axis. Appears a few times in both acts. Based on the ramps that are seen in a few levels of Sonic & Knuckles.

Act 1 Exclusive

Water passage - Only appears once in the act, divided into two caverns. One big level layout mistake in the first cavern shows how the Background layer 0 is disabled under water, because the water routine in Sonic Advance 1's Ice Mountain Zone makes water ripples on that background.

Act 2 Exclusive

Spiral loop with flat down path - Appears twice on the second act. Not based on any earlier Sonic game ideas.

Hidden pathway - Appears only once on the act. Based on the hidden pathways in Sonic 2's Emerald Hill Zone.

Big loop with top missing - Appears only once at the end of the act. Based on loops in Sonic Adventure 2's Green Forest and White Jungle.


  • Mon - Monkey robots that leap when approached.
  • Stinger - Buzz Bomber-esque badnik. It stings the player when approached (assault type).
  • Kiki - Monkey robot which throws bombs at the player.


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