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Cyber Track
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Cyber Track
Sixth Zone, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 4
Level theme: cyberspace
Sub-boss: Gemerl
Boss: Egg Pinball
Maximum rings, Act 1: 352 + 42~140
Maximum rings, Act 2: 260 + 46~95
Maximum rings, Act 3: 170 + 25
Non-English names:
  • JP: サイバートラック Saibā Torakku
Twinkle Snow | Chaos Angel

Cyber Track is the sixth Zone of Sonic Advance 3. As with other Zones in this game, Cyber Track consists of three standard Acts followed by a boss Act.


Cyber Track shares traits with two Zones from the previous Sonic Advance release: it's much like Techno Base, regarding it's one of the few cyberspace-themed levels in the series, and like Egg Utopia, in that the gravity shifts by itself, often indicated by arrows on the "wall" pointing up or down. Like many other levels in Sonic Advance 3, this level is abundant with bottomless pits which makes the highest route often the safest, though it is possible to fall off the top of the screen due to the reversed gravity.

Other gimmicks to encounter in this Zone include wheels with their own gravity, cannons that catapult the player across a course like the ones seen in Sonic Advance's Cosmic Angel Zone, and platforms that disintegrate when stood on. This Zone also brings back a few gimmicks from past Zones, such as the giant clackers from Toy Kingdom and the rail platform rides from Ocean Base.

Act 3 of this Zone ends with another fight with Gemerl, who utilizes all of his previous moves plus a new shield technique that initially guards him from the player's attacks and the ability to dash across the screen and release a wave of homing missiles. If Sonic is in the lead when Act 3 is finished, Cream will appear, claiming to have gotten lost, and will be unlocked for the player to use in the main game and Time Attack.


The music for this Zone was remixed for a jingle that was intended to be played when the Time Break Skill is used in Sonic Generations, but it never plays. It was included in the OST release, however.


Clam — A clam robot that shoots three energy pellets at an upward angle when approached.
Guruguru — A Catakiller, Jr.-like Badnik that flies about in place. Only the head is vulnerable.
Kamaki — Praying mantis robot similar to the Slicer. Attacks by throwing its claws at the player.
Kyacchaa — A spider robot that descends from ceilings to grab the player, similar to a Grabber.


The following are the required clear times to get each medal:

Gold Silver Bronze
Act 1 Under 2'00"00 2'00"00 — 3'00"00 Over 3'00"00
Act 2 Under 2'30"00 2'30"00 — 3'30"00 Over 3'30"00
Act 3 Under 4'15"00 4'15"00 — 5'15"00 Over 5'15"00
VS. Boss Under 2'00"00 2'00"00 — 2'30"00 Over 2'30"00


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