Cyber Track

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Cyber Track
Sixth level, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 3
Boss: Egg Pinball
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Cyber Track Zone is the sixth zone of Sonic Advance 3. It shares traits with two levels from the previous Sonic Advance release: it's much like Techno Base, regarding it's a digital-themed level, and like Egg Utopia, in that the gravity shifts by itself, often indicated by arrows on the "wall" pointing up or down. Like many other levels in Sonic Advance 3, this level is abundant with bottomless pits which makes the highest route often the safest, though it is possible to fall off the top of the screen.

Act 3 of this zone ends with a fight with Gemerl, who utilizes all of his previous moves plus a new shield technique that initially guards him from your attacks. If Sonic is in the lead when Act 3 is finished, Cream will appear, claiming to have gotten lost, and be unlocked for the player to use.

The boss of this zone amounts to a game of dodgeball. Eggman is below the player, moving back and forth, launching blue crystal balls at the player, which ricochet when they make contact with a wall. You must attack these balls so that they turn red and become capable of damaging Eggman. Also note that standing on the red platforms to the right and left for too long will result in instant death. After Eggman is hit with 8 red balls (6 on the Easy setting), he is defeated, and you move onto the final zone, Chaos Angel.

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