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The Black Arms are an evil alien race lead by Black Doom in the 2005 game Shadow the Hedgehog. They appear to have green blood, although they originally had red blood before it was edited due to censorship reasons.

Black Arm Species


The larvae are Black Doom's offspring, and seeing as how there are no female Black Arms, it is assumed that they reproduce asexually. They are blobs with spikes surrounding their one and only eye, but any attack can kill them. Their size makes them hard to see and can be an annoyance at hypersonic speeds.

Black Warrior

These are the most common type of Black Arm, and carry lots of weapons. The Black Warriors often guard cages and must be killed to move on.

Black Hawk

Bird-like creatures that fly around. The small ones (Black Wings) have no attacks besides charging. The larger ones (Black Hawk) can fire energy beams. Some Black Hawks must be grounded, allowing Shadow to fly one of them.

Black Volt

Stronger forms of the Black Hawk with golden armor.

Black Oak

These are giant Black Arms and carry swords. They are dumb, but have high HP. Some carry cannons or clubs, but they deflect shots from bullets.

Black Annelid

These are worm creatures that appear from the ground and fire smaller worms. Interestingly, this is due to the fact that they swallow weapons called "Worm Shooters", as when they are killed, they spit out a Worm Shooter weapon, then disappear.

Golden Annelid

Stronger Black Annelids that drop golden Worm Shooters. The Golden Worm Shooters have more worms inside them.

Killer Plant

Flowers similar to Piranha Plants from Super Mario Bros. They spit up fire, and when defeated, turn into a bud for about ten seconds, then they return, meaning they can't be destroyed permanently.

Red Fruit

Crimson, stationary, spiky plant-like objects that serve to punish hedgehogs who zip around recklessly. Red Fruits tend to be found wherever there are Black Arms afoot, and according to Black Doom are symbols of the Black Arms' victorious conquests. They are also apparently poisonous, which may be why Shadow takes damage whenever he runs into them. Fortunately, Red Fruits are very fragile; any attack will cause them to splatter.

Similar growths appear dangling in Black Doom's fleet in Sky Troops and in the terraformed jungle landscape of Death Ruins.

Black Assassin

These are heavily armored Black Warriors that carry powerful lasers called Refractors. They are commonly seen on Air Saucers and can teleport (possibly Chaos Control).

Black Bull

A gigantic flying Black Arm, this colossus has bat-like wings, a single cyclopedian eye, and vomits forth Black Wings during its fights. It looks absolutely nothing like a bull, more resembling a Giant Flying One-Eyed Overstuffed Firebreathing Hippo. Black Bull's blubbery body is impervious to damage, the only weak point being its eye. The boss appears twice in Shadow the Hedgehog; first in Lethal Highway (fought with Sonic) and then in Death Ruins (fought with Rouge).

  • PROTIP: Black Bull can be defeated quickly by taking out the minor Black Arms which accompany it until Shadow has charged up time stop. Weapon ammunition does not deplete in timestop, so by deploying the power when Black Bull's eye is vulnerable, and using a gun with a good rate of fire, Shadow can fire lethal damage at the boss over the course of a single chronometric intermission.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In the end of Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow goes to kill Black Doom. Black Doom stops him by making Shadow fall to the ground, and tells him that Shadow's blood is the same as Black Doom's, making Shadow a Black Arm. Shadow curses at the alien, but is freed once he gets courage from an old movie of Maria. Eventually, Shadow kills Black Doom and destroys the Black Comet, wiping out the Black Arm race and making Shadow the only living Black Arm... so far.

Black Comet

See main article: Black Comet

The Black Comet is the home of the Black Arms, and passes by Planet Earth every fifty years. Fifty years after Shadow's birth, it returns, starting the war between GUN, Dr. Eggman and the Black Arms. It is investigated three times in the game. In the Action Stage Black Comet, Shadow travels through the Comet and must either destroy the GUN troops or proceed to the worldlet's interior. In Final Haunt, Sonic and Shadow race across the surface and must find Black Doom. Alternatively, Shadow can flip some switches, which protects the Black Comet from any and all outsiders. And in the level The Last Way, Shadow races against the clock through the depths of the Black Comet. Eventually, it is completely destroyed by the Eclipse Cannon, wiping out the Black Arm race.

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