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Chocola is a brown Chao with a blue bowtie who is the brother of Cheese, who is friends with Cream the Rabbit. Chocola goes missing in Sonic Heroes, which begins Team Rose's quest. A newspaper article shows Chocola and Froggy being kidnapped by Sonic the Hedgehog. However Chocola was really captured by Neo Metal Sonic disguised as Sonic, which Team Rose doesn't find out until the last story. Precisely why Metal Sonic requires Chocola is unclear, as Chaos' data is presumably embedded in Froggy (following the amphibian's misadventures in Sonic Adventure) rather than the chao. Regardless, after defeating the Egg Emperor, Team Rose recover both Chocola and Froggy from a puddle of liquid metal, apparently none the worse for wear.

Chocola's only appearence has been in Sonic Heroes, and subsequent to his rescue, the chao has not been seen again.

Chocola would later be referenced in Lego Dimensions. While in the Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure World, when Amy is listing off a couple of her accomplishments, she goes on to bring up how she helped save him and Froggy. This is the first time he has been mentioned in the games since Sonic Heroes.

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