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Shahra, the Genie of the Ring
First seen: Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007)
Species: Genie
Gender: Female

Shahra (シャーラ), also known as the Genie of the Ring (リングの魔神), is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a magical creature, a genie from the storybook world of Arabian Nights, featured in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Character conception

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Shahra's name is derived from Shahrazad, the name of the queen-consort in Arabian Nights who told 1,001 tales to the King.

Personality and traits

As a genie, Shahra is capable of granting "simple wishes" for the one who wears her ring, and she is the one who contacts Sonic for help in gathering the seven World Rings inside the book. Shahra secretly loves Erazor Djinn and is blinded by that love, leading Sonic into fulfilling Erazor's plans.[1]

With Sonic wearing her ring, she can grant the hedgehog the ability to preform new moves such as Speed Break and Time Break.


Shahra appearing before Sonic.

Shahra first appears to Sonic when he is asleep with a cold, to beg the "Legendary Blue Hedgehog" for help in defeating Erazor Djinn, a powerful spirit who is erasing the pages of the Arabian Nights and attempting to break out into Sonic's World. Together they journey into the story via the Lost Prologue, with Shahra appearing as small pink light during levels when she talks to Sonic (similar to Tikal in Sonic Adventure).

Shahra encourages Sonic to gather all seven of the mysterious World Rings, said to be the key to "opening the portal between worlds". Only when they confront Erazor at the end of Night Palace does it become apparent precisely why Shahra wanted the rings: not to defeat Erazor, but as an offering to him, such that she might return to his side. Sonic makes a wish on the ring to compel Shahra to "do what you think is right!", prompting a last-second change of heart from the genie as she throws herself in front of Erazor's strike, sacrificing her life to save Sonic's.

After Darkspine Sonic defeats Alf-Layla-wa-Layla, Sonic compels Erazor to resurrect Shahra, before consigning him inside his lamp for the rest of time. The Genie of the Ring returns to life weeping with regret for her betrayals; Sonic touchingly wishes a mountain of handkerchiefs for her, mimicking his first wish at the start of the story.

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