Angelus the Gatekeeper

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Angelus the Gatekeeper
Game: Sonic Riders
Level: Babylon Guardian
Hits to defeat: 3

Angelus the Gatekeeper, known as the Babylon Guardian in the English-language version, is the only boss of Sonic Riders. Appearing in the last level, which is also (rather confusingly) known as "Babylon Guardian", Angelus safeguards the mysterious treasure of Babylon Garden from within the floating city's strange, dimension-defying core.

The Gatekeeper's nature is something of a mystery. When Sonic crashes into him with Extreme Gear during the boss fight, the level's hellscape scenery dissolves into a clearly technological black-and-white pannelled matrix, suggesting the whole area may be some kind of holographic simulation of which Angelus is merely part. Nevertheless, he seems to be at least crafted in the image of the ancient Babylonians given his passing resemblance to the Rogues - although crossed with obvious genie-like features.

After his mobile lamp takes three hits from Sonic, Angelus fades out of existance, to be replaced by a treasure chest which contains the Magic Carpet Extreme Gear.

Angelus' subsequent fate is unknown. He may have been entirely destroyed in his encounter with Sonic; he may have been destroyed in the Lightless Black during Zero Gravity; or he may continue to reside in Astral Babylon.

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