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Team Sonic should not be confused with Sonic Team.
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Team Sonic
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
Members: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna

Team Sonic also known as Team Heroes is the name given to the trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as the main team in Sonic Heroes, and sometimes when they join forces in other games too.

At the start of Sonic Heroes, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles receive a letter from the maniacal Dr. Eggman. Eggman tells them of his new ultimate weapon that will be ready within three days, thereby challenging them to try and find it. The three joined forces to foil the mad doctor's plans.

The gameplay for this team requires the player to race through the levels as quickly as possible, with intermediate difficulty settings. Sonic (speed member) leads the group as they move over the winding courses, getting them to the goal ring with time to spare. However, if a high ledge needs reaching or a flying foe needs a good beat-down, Tails (flying member) can take charge with flight to carry his teammates to victory. Whether an army of enemies or a solid barrier blocks the way, Knuckles (power member) can take them down easily, and his group gliding ability can handle almost any crevice. The dream team works together to take down the Eggman with speed and attitude.

Team Super

Team Sonic as Team Super.

Team Sonic is the only team in the game that may use super transformation, thus becoming Team Super. Team Super's gameplay is exactly like Team Sonic's but they start at level 3 and have enhanced moves. Tails' Thunder Shoot now launches Sonic into Light Attack and gives Knuckles speed trails. Sonic may use Light Attack at any given moment by pressing the action button in mid air if objects are nearby. Doing this costs the team five Rings. Knuckles' final combo allows him to continuously punch and cause explosions.

Team Super's officially unnamed Team Blast is the only way to damage the final boss. Players must deflect all incoming attacks to build up the Team Blast Gauge. The Team Blast sees Team Super charging up power and then launching a simultaneous Light Attack by all three members of the team. There is no after effect for this Team Blast.

Team Super loses Rings at a rate of one per three seconds. Switching leaders does not affect the drain rate. If the team runs out of Rings, they will fall and lose a life. The team may only use super transformation in the final battle.

Team Sonic Moves

Speed Formation: Sonic

  • Homing Attack: Hit the A button twice to increase the amount of air time. If used on a row of enemies, Sonic can bounce off them and to where ever they lead.
  • Spin: Hold B either while standing still or running to increase speed and attack enemies.
  • Rocket Accel: Hold B and wait for team mates to follow behind and release for a steady pace, or press again for second team mate to hit you further and faster.
  • Blue Tornado: Press B while jumping in midair to have Sonic unleash a stationary blue whirlwind that blows the armor off all nearby enemies.
  • Kick: Hold the B button to perform a somersault, getting across areas in fast motion. This can be used either as a attack or to destroy crates.
  • Triangle Jump: When in a narrow area, tilt the D-pad toward either wall and use A to home in on the surface and briefly latch on. Continue tapping A to leap from wall to wall and zigzag through the crevice. Tap B to let go.
  • Light Dash: Dash along a trail of rings by pressing the B button when you approach them.
  • Light Attack: After Team Blast, or while in a Super State, press B at any given time to target and destroy any enemy or projectile in range. If this is done while in a Super State, it will cost five Rings each time.

Fly Formation: Tails

  • Ascending Flight: Jump and hold A while in the air.
  • Quick Ascent: While Flying, press A to get a quick boost of height.
  • Thunder Shoot: Press B. Used to Stun and kill enemies (depending on your level.)
  • Dummy Ring Bomb: When Tails is alone, press B to have him throw damaging Ring Bombs.

Power Formation: Knuckles

  • Auto Homing: Team mates automatically attack near by enemies.
  • Fire Combination: Press B to gather the others on your fists to get ready to attack. To cancel Fire Combination, just jump.
  • Fire Dunk: During Fire Combination, jump in the air and press B to fire your team mates at the enemies.
  • Combo Power Attacks: While in the Fighting Pose, press B to do combo punches. If the B button is pressed rapidly, Knuckles can make quick jabs.
  • Circular Attack: When you are leveled up at least once, you can perform a circular attack. Results depend on your level.
    • First level up: Knuckles punches the ground and creates a slight tremor.
    • Second level up: Knuckles punches the ground and creates a bigger tremor. Attack radius increases.
    • Third level up: Knuckles punches the ground and fire balls come spewing out of the ground. Attack radius increases.
    • Super State: Knuckles can release a fury of fire balls continuously at the enemy if the B button is pressed rapidly on the third attack.
  • Triangle Dive: While in the air, press and hold A to descend slowly to the ground or to ascend by using an updraft.

Entire team

  • Sonic Overdrive: Press Z when your Team Blast gauge is filled. Knuckles spins Sonic and Tails around, and when he releases Tails, Tails supercharges Sonic, who yells "Blast Away!" and uses "Light Attack," destroying enemies. From there, Sonic can perform Light Attack upon enemies for the cool down duration.
    • This Team Blast can occasionally freeze the game, especially if the team is in Power Formation. It may be caused by Sonic's super fast movements during the attack.

Team Sonic objectives

  • Seaside Hill — Head for the whale island! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5:00!
  • Ocean Palace — Escape from the ancient ruins! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5:00!
  • Grand Metropolis — Rescue the city under the control of Eggman!! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5:00!
  • Power Plant — Escape from the chaotic plant!! / Reach the Goal Ring within 9:00!
  • Casino Park — Dash through the giant theme park! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5:00!
  • BINGO Highway — Blast down the high-speed slides! / Reach the Goal Ring within 6:00!
  • Rail Canyon — Head for the terminal station! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5:00!
  • Bullet Station — Destroy Eggman's base! / Reach the Goal Ring within 6:00!
  • Frog Forest — Get through the forest where the wild animals live! / Reach the Goal Ring within 5:00!
  • Lost Jungle — Venture through the deepest part of the jungle! / Reach the Goal Ring within 6:00!
  • Hang Castle — Infiltrate the mysterious castle! / Reach the Goal Ring within 6:00!
  • Mystic Mansion — Escape from the haunted castle! / Reach the Goal Ring within 7:00!
  • Egg Fleet — Get to Eggman's flagship! / Reach the Goal Ring within 9:00!
  • Final Fortress — Destroy the flagship's core! / Reach the Goal Ring within 9:00!

Other games

The team combination of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles is not unique just to Sonic Heroes, although in most other games they are simply known as the "heroes". The first game to feature them on the same team was Sonic Adventure 2, where they were the opposing side to the Dark Team of Dr. Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge. The Heroes also have their own story in Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Free Riders, in opposition to the Babylon Team of Jet, Storm, and Wave.


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